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Userrights handled[edit]

  • Administrator and Interface Administrator on Marathi Wikisource.
  • Administrator and Interface Administrator on Marathi Wikipedia.
  • Global OTRS group.
  • Mass message senders.
  • Patroller, license reviewer ,File mover, Rollbacker, Otrs Agent on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Patroller on Meta wiki.
  • AutoWikibrowser on English Wikipedia and Marathi Wikisource
  • Bot operator on Marathi Wikipedia

Events Handled[edit]

  • 2018 Wikipedia Asian Month International Team - Blog and communications
  • 2019 Wiki Loves Love international team - Core committee
  • 2019 Wiki Loves Women India International team - Core committee
  • 2019 Wikipedia Asian Month International Team - Social Media operator and Communications.
  • 2019 Wiki Loves Folklore - Grantee and coordinator/International Team
  • 2020 Wiki Loves Women South Asia - International Team.
  • 2021 Wiki Loves Folklore - International Team.
  • 2021 Feminism and Folklore - International Team.

Highlighted achievements[edit]

  • Highest Administrator works till date on Marathi Wikipedia and Wikisource. (Tenure just 6 months)
  • Installation of 5 new Gadgets on Marathi Wikipedia and localization of userscripts.
  • Installation of 8 new Gadgets on Marathi Wikisource.
  • localization and Creation of 156 new Articles, 15 Wikipedia policies, 479 Templates and 56 Modules on Marathi Wikipedia.
  • Initialisation of Wikiprojects Christianity and Stats on Marathi Wikipedia
  • 2015 WAM Ambassador on Marathi Wikipedia.
  • 105 Protection, 4,500 deletions, 17 Abuse filter edits, 400 patrols, 151 imports and 10 blocks in tenure of around 180 days on Marathi Wikipedia.
  • More than 24,000 edits on Wikimedia Commons. 1600+ file moves. 300+ files uploaded.
  • Helping administrators on Santalise Wikipedia to install new gadgets and technical improvements.
  • Winner of the Project Tiger 2.0 hardware support.
  • Website content creation helper of Wikipedia Asian Month and Wiki Loves Love.
  • Handling OTRS permission tickets and passings licenses and permission on commons.
  • Featured in the Indic Wikisource Newsletter


  • 1X English Wikipedia 12 November 2016
    • Reason to block: Repeated bad new page patrol, despite being told to stop
      • Reason to unblock: We have a commitment to stopping NPP over on Tiven2240's talk page, and I'm convinced it's genuine and that we just have an over-enthusiastic new contributor here. I think it's reasonable to close this now as resolved. Boing! said Zebedee.
  • 1X Marathi Wikipedia 30 October 2018
    • Reason to block कॉपीराईट कायद्याच्या उल्लंघनाच्या समर्थनार्थ प्रचालकांवर ऐरवाजवी दबाव व संघर्ष भूमिका; मराठ...
      • Reason to unblock. विवादास्पद अवरोध काढला - AGF - [1]
        • Stewards comment : I've just suspended Mahitgar's administrative privileges because of a series of abuses, for example preventive blocks of users with no edits.'s community can obviously reelect Mahitgar following a vote. I can be contacted for complains about any kind of action intended to alter the vote which should be a free expression of Marati Wikipedia contributors' thoughts Vituzzu

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