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{{:Community Wishlist Survey/Proposal header|1=Allow multiple entries within each category}} <!-- DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE --> * '''Problem''': Sometimes, multiple entries within a category would be useful. For instance, on the French wiktionary there is a listing of French verbs that includes both the infinitive form (e.g. ''aimer'') and a pronominal form (''s’aimer''). But which sort key should be given to the pronominal form? Equally valid arguments apply for a « aimer s » key and a « saimer » key. Ideally, the entry would appear twice in the category, under those two keys. There are other examples, such as proper nouns beginning with a definite article (e.g. ''Le Mans'' should be categorised under « Mans Le » and « Le Mans »). * '''Who would benefit''': Wiktionaries, other wiki projects. * '''Proposed solution''': Possibly add to the wiki software a magic word that can be used to specify a second (third, fourth, etc.) entry in a category’s index. Other wikicode approaches may be possible. * '''More comments''': see [[Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Wiktionary/Context-dependent sort key]] for a discussion in 2017. It is still a problem. * '''Phabricator tickets''': [[phab:T183747]] * '''Proposer''': ~~~~ ===Discussion=== : The 2016 proposal received a terse opposition comment that merely stated the proposal was "not well-cooked". That was unhelpful. It is not for the proposer to advance a technical answer, it's up to the developers to figure out the least disruptive, most efficient way of satisfying the proposal. : I'll conclude by adding that this could be merged with the proposal for [[Community Wishlist Survey 2020/Wiktionary/Context-dependent sort key|Context-dependent sort keys]], depending on the technical solution chosen. ~~~~ ===Voting=== * {{support}} ~~~~