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Valerio Bozzolan
Valerio Bozzolan
External consultant, Wikimedia Switzerland
Quote n. 1: Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share the sum of all Italian pizza alongside Libre software and Libre contents. That's my commitment.

Quote n. 2: Call me whatever you like (he/his is OK) but please don't call me using Google Meet. Thank you :)

About me

Please be nice with me. Sooner or later you will find out that I'm that sort of "tech vegan" and I only use GNU/Linux. I also own an Android but without the Google Play Store and without any proprietary application. I don't have WhatsApp. I don't participate to Zoom Meetings. I do this since, as a software developer, I am now aware of how much power a software has on its users, also in terms of security and surveillance. I'm sure that my choices can be respected, without creating a problem to other people (and vice-versa).

My relationship with Wikimedia projects started as volunteer in 2013 in itwiki. It took me a few years to understand the encyclopedia rules. I may have learned Scribunto earlier than that. As a volunteer, I am a author and maintainer of several automated bots and I like to be involved in ‎technical contributions and bug fixes. As volunteer I like contributing on software-related topics and to Wikimedia Cloud projects.

My global volunteer info can be found here with declaration of interests:

User:Valerio Bozzolan

My local volunteer info can be found here:

w:it:User:Valerio Bozzolan

In 2019 I met User:Ilario (WMCH) in person during an hackathon in which I was invited as itwiki technical contributor. After that, I started to have professional collaborations with Wikimedia CH, mainly involved as GNU/Linux systems engineer and full-stack software developer, as freelance.

In 2020 I've found a partner I love more than Phabricator. Believe me or not.

In 2021 I was elected as board director of Italian Linux Society, the national association supporting FLOSS in Italy since 1994.

In 2024 I've found you!

I hope to continue to find time to contribute together as a volunteer, and also have the opportunity to work on something I believe in.

My work

I am not employed in Wikimedia CH. I'm a contractor since 2019.

In 2019 I started working as freelance developer on behalf Wikimedia CH with User:Ilario as my manager.

Since 2020 the kind of collaborations I had were too little continuous, so I accepted to be acquired in a company in Torino. I work there full-time, as Java developer and their principal GNU/Linux sysadmin.

I continue to remain at the disposal of Wikimedia CH, but without receiving any personal financial benefit (apart from the benefit of doing something that I think is more useful to the world) since I don't work for WMCH but for that external company I mentioned, and I have a fixed salary from Torino, not related to my collaborations with WMCH.

I love to describe WMCH progresses here:

Wikimedia CH/Tech boost

I love to organize any work related to WMCH in Wikimedia Phabricator:


My manager User:Ilario is aware of my private declaration of interests. The public and most relevant ones are here:

User:Valerio Bozzolan § Declaration of interests

I am available to be contacted on the discussion page with any questions about some of my past, or future, collaborations.

Thank you!

Disclaimer: What I share from this specific account does not necessarily reflect the thoughts of Wikimedia CH.

Contact me

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