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Venus Lui, Wikipedian from Hong Kong originally, currently living in Berlin, Germany

Wikipedians I met[edit]

During the ESEAP 2018, I met the Wikipedians from Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Wikimedia Foundation. As I had the presentation on Movement Strategy, I had conversations with the Wikipedians from the mentioned countries to see how we as the ESEAP region can have a healthy development in the next 15 years.

Things I learned[edit]

  • Community Outreach : This session shows us the community outreach from different chapter. It is nice to get to know that chapters in the ESEAP regions are cooperating with different organisations and encouraging them to contribute to the community.
  • Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy : It is the presentation that I had in the conference. In the presentation, I showed the audience the development in the Chinese community, and then Kaarel from WMF continued it with a workshop to collect the ideas from the participants about Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy.

My plan for the movement in the future[edit]

  • I would like to continue the conversation on Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy with the ESEAP regions.
  • I would like to expand the scale of the Wikipedia Education Program in Asia.

My comments around the conference[edit]

I would like to think Wikimedia Indonesia for hosting the conference.