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My Interests are Editor Retention on WIkipedia

I think we are not catering for 
  • Vanity editors - I want a page
  • Vandals - I want to create a page as a LOL
  • New good faith editors who don't understand the rules
  • New Editors
  • Paid Editors

We do cater for people who may cause disfunction

  • Controllers - more regulations will make people more like me. But I want away around them
  • Status Quo-ters - No change is necessary. WP will always stay the same. Democracy is unwise
  • The Angry Anonymous - there are no consequences for what I say
  • The Merciless - it is not for the weak hearted
  • Status seekers - Number of edits, age, I am an Admin, none shall become an Admin.
  • The Gatekeeper - No Edit shall pass to my page, or AfD
  • The Stamp collector - more categories please
  • The Good Do-ers - let us create work for others - tagging

And There is not separation of function between AfC NPP Guidelines