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I have an account on several Wikimedia projects, but I'm mostly active (and an administrator) on the English and Portuguese Wikipedias, and in Commons. I'm also a board member of Wikimedia Portugal and a volunteer at OTRS and in I've participated on Wikimania 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2013, as well as Wikimedia hackathons in 2012, 2013 and 2014. I also had a toolserver account (though I didn't get around to actually implement any tools there), participate regularly in bug report discussions, and have obtained developer access to the Wikimedia code repository, with a few patches merged so far.

Information non-related to Wikimedia can be found in my website Here are some pictures of me.

(todo: Check my contribs against Research:Contribution Taxonomy Project/Outreach:Wikimedia Volunteer Roles/mw:How to contribute and update the text above if needed)


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Contribs on all wikimedia wikis[edit]

Summary: ~65k edits total (main wikis: ~25k @ commons, ~15k @ enwiki, ~10k @ ptwiki)

First contribution[edit]

  • There's no log entry of my first Wikipedia account creation, but the first edit that I have record of is from 02:39, 2 February 2005 (uploaded this image)
  • Evidence that I edited throughout 2005 without logging in: [1]
  • Hmm. Upload log says my account there was created on 02:58, 2 February 2005, but the User list says my account was created on 03:02, 2 February 2005. What gives?
    • Well, the User contributions says my first edit was indeed on 03:02, 2 February 2005, and that was either my first edit (not a log action such as an upload) or my first non-deleted action (at the time the estimate was made). In any case, this point is worth raising in the relevant bugs.

User page[edit]

* = Not on the WMF servers: moved to
  • To do:
    • add {{#babel:kea|pt|en-3|es-1|xx-0}}, where xx = lang code of the wiki
    • Change prefs: gender = male | interface language = english | email on watchlist changes = yes | email on user talk messages = yes
    • Add global.js (global.css is already done). Documentation here
    • Merge my Wikimania2007 account
      • I was invited on April 30 and the User:Waldir account was registered on May 16.
      • Someone once confirmed me (through IRC, I believe) that the email address associated with the User:Waldir account was not, so it likely wasn't me
      • Indeed, apparently all my edits were done anonymously
      • On February 2015, the User:Waldir account was renamed to User:Waldir (usurped)
      • On (...), the SUL finalization process created the account User:Waldir, connected with my global account



Waldir/EditCounterGlobalOptIn.js Waldir/Logos and slogans Waldir/Logos and slogans/header
Waldir/Logos and slogans/wkb Waldir/Logos and slogans/wkn Waldir/Logos and slogans/wkp
Waldir/Logos and slogans/wkq Waldir/Logos and slogans/wks Waldir/Logos and slogans/wkt
Waldir/Logos and slogans/wkv Waldir/
Waldir/global.css Waldir/global.css/links.css Waldir/global.css/misc.css
Waldir/global.js Waldir/talk-indent-colors.css Waldir/talk-indent-colors.js
Waldir/vector.css Waldir/vector.css/fixednav.css Waldir/vector.js


Dependency graph:

Random stuff[edit]

  • DynamicPageList and Help:DPL
  • Wishful thinking: Some projects should be renamed:
    • For consistency (so they're all in the form "Wikisomething"):
      • Wikimedia Commons → Wikicommons (actually, this should be called Wikimedia, and the foundation... perhaps Wikicontent?
      • Mediawiki → Wikiware (or Wikihost, or Wikisite). Also, a different logo, please! "the sunflower represents the diversity of content on Wikipedia, the constant growth and also the wildness." -- not intuitive at all!
    • For clarity:
      • Wikibooks → Wikiguides (or Wikimanuals), and perhaps merged with Wikiversity;
      • Wikisource → Wikiarchive (or Wikilibrary)
      • Wikivoyage → Wikiplaces (or Wikilocal)