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Are my automatic categories a problem on this wiki? See disabling automatic categorization below.

{{User:Willscrlt/meta/cat}} automatically inserts category links for each project to which Willscrlt contributes. It uses parser functions, variables, and other advanced template tricks to dynamically determine the current project and the standard categories that should be used on that project.

As-is, this template probably is not particularly useful to other people, but the logic used to determine the current project and which categories to use might be quite useful to others as a starting point for developing other templates. You are welcome to copy this template and adapt it however you like, but please do not edit this template, because it could break many other templates.


Copy the following text into the bottom of a page above any interwikis:

<!-- Transclude my standard categories or override them -->
<!-- Enter any additional categories below -->


  • Omit 'CatOverride' or set it to 'N' (or blank) to display my default categories
  • Set 'CatOverride' to 'Y' to suppress all default categories
  • Set 'CatOverride' to anything else to override default categories with entered text
  • Example: {{{{ns:user}}:Willscrlt/meta/cat|CatOverride=[[Category:Examples|*]]}}
  • Set 'Type' to 'T' or 'Template' for templates
  • Set 'Type' to 'U' or 'User' for ordinary user pages
    • Categorizes pages under Category:User:Willscrlt if it exists locally
    • This is the default if 'Type' is omitted, blank, or unrecognized
  • Example: {{{{ns:user}}:Willscrlt/meta/cat|Type=Template}}

Disabling automatic categorization[edit]

If this wiki does not permit user categories, there are two easy ways to disable the automatic categorization:

  1. Anyone can blank this page (which should be located at User:Willscrlt/meta/cat) or create a blank page in that location.
  2. Sysops can simply delete the problematic category or categories ("Category:Templates by User:Willscrlt" and/or "Category:User:Willscrlt" are the defaults).

Whichever method is used, the template will no longer automatically add content to the user category. I would appreciate it if you leave me a note on my talk page letting me know that you did so. That way I won't accidentally recreate the problem thinking it was a glitch. Thanks!

Note: If you are seeing categorization in some other categories than those listed here, it is not being generated automatically because of my template. Leave me a note, and I will help you track down the source of the problem. Thanks again!

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Version information[edit]

v1.2.0 (06:16, 12 February 2010 (UTC)) — This is the most current version available.

This template is used on multiple WikiMedia Foundation Projects. Unless it is horribly broken and causing major disruptions, please do not edit this template. The master template is located at m:User:Willscrlt/meta/cat and is manually distributed to other projects by its creator, Willscrlt (Talk).

  • v1.2.x Formatting and documentation improvements
  • v1.1.x Added the 'Type' attribute
  • v1.0.x Initial version