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This month was quite exciting than all the other months so far. In this month (remember I applied for AffCom), I was appointed as a member of the AffCom for (2018 - 2019 term). In addition to that, I got a scholarship to attend Wiki Indaba 2018 in Tunisia, a Wikimedia Hackathon 2018 Scholarship in Spain, invitation to WMCON2018 as an AffCom member.


I've never been much happier than what happened this month. I had applied for a job offer late 2017 at the Foundation and I was called up for an interview. After the interview process, I was hired by the Foundation into the Learning and Evaluation Team at the Wikimedia Foundation. Here is a link to: my WMF page. In addition, I got my Visa for Tunisia (in 1 day) for Wiki Indaba 2018 so I'm set for the conference! Also, there are a lot of other side activities like co-working on tool to analyze Africa Wikimedia Developers stats (patches, etc), the tool is here:


In this month, I was mostly doing work for the Foundation + my volunteer activities. The activities around me during this month was fully Wikimedia centered and it was fun! A lot to do and so much to work on! Also, did a few Wikimedia events in my community for share knowledge with other volunteers around Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and Wikipedia. So far so good, everything is on good footing!


This month was not good at all for the fact that I was rejected a Schengen visa for WMCON 2018. A conference I had long been planning to attend and meet Wikimedians I've never met before. After all the hustle for a German Visa, I was rejected. Wrote an appeal and submitted but no reply so far from the Embassy. Really sad! But that is the bad side. I got a good experience helping out African Wikimedia Developers in Nigeria as it was their turn for AWMD. I April 2018, AWMD full scale event happened in Nigeria where I was present to do the training. It was great connecting with other volunteers in Africa! Then in addition to that, just work work work!!!


Hmmmm... let me see! What was I doing in the month of May? Yeah, I remember :D, I was busy working + volunteering for the awesome Wikimedia movement. As time goes, work keeps increasing and one has to keep finding a way of fixing and going. Busy with a lot of task but around the Wikimedia movement. Tasks such as; Google Summer of Code mentoring, etc. This month was just another quiet month of serious work and well some stress :D.


In this month, while still busy with a lot of activities, I was also alongside preparing for Wikimania 2018 so as part of the preparation, I had to apply for a South African Visa. It was so bad that my documents were not even collected at the embassy. Despite all the things I tried, to no avail. So I came back and continued with my work while working on how to work on necessary docs and move to the embassy again. But till then, back to normal activities.

In addition, Wikimedia Foundation accepted and invited me to take part in the Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018 which is to take place in Portland, Oregon, USA (and this is some good news :-D). Then the work continues!


After enormous help from the Wikimania 2018 organizing team, I had all docs to move to Yaounde to apply for a visa, but the crisis affecting the NW & SW region of Cameroon intensified the whole of that week and roads were blocked and all businesses closed. I was unable to travel and this made me finally missed Wikimania 2018. A lot of killings and shooting where I am and a lot of activities not working (in Buea). With all the sadness, I just had to hold on to hopes and the fact that moving from Buea to Yaounde is a very long journey is slowing me down in many aspects. Well, life goes on and I got back to my normal activities while watching Wikimania on Twitter and Facebook from accounts of friends and colleagues. Helped in retweeting etc.

In addition, I was selected as a Working Group member for the Wikimedia movement on the group "Product and Technology" to help contribute to Wikimedia Strategy process.

Stay tuned!!!