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Creator, architect and long time editor of the Wiki-fr, Wiki-en en:Wikipedia:Graphics Lab & en:Wikipedia:Graphics Lab/Map workshop. Maintainer of the increasingly widespread Wikipedia Cartographic guidelines (best practices). Well aware of both the need of Wikipedia maps based on accurate geographic data (GIS) and their success within and outside Wikipedia. It seems clear we have to move toward ONLINE GIS edition in collaboration with the ongoing initiative. This cloud system already allows to create online GIS maps and seriously need support (also financial), to connect with Wikipedia articles and map guidelines. For a more flexible, portability in and outside wikipedia and short term achievement in GIS map making, I designed the Grants:Individual Engagement Grants/Wikimaps Atlas's Request, which I wish to lead with Arun Ganesh, a witty UX developper. In all, a solid funding for GIS projects would be much welcome in order to push forward and integrate GIS usages on Wikipedia, and design the road(s) to take.