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List of WM projects[edit]



Independent wikiscan tool

Official Wikimedia organizational and user rights hierarchy

Xtools and WMFlabs[edit]

Wikimedia Meta statistics[edit]

Wikimedia Analytics[edit]

Plwiki only tools and links[edit]

To try or do[edit]

Automated graphics[edit]

  • Enwiki and WM ad carousels

Wiki games[edit]

Test wikis[edit]


  • ☿ Shadowy stuff
  • Irony marks: 'REVERSED QUESTION MARK' would be "⸮", U+2E2E), CSS love mark, pint d'amour:Point d'amour.svg
  • (Copy more from lang wikis, or redirect to them)

Other lists and statistics[edit]

  • Bad symbols filter list (copy from home wiki)


  • To disable redirects on banned users, add:

e.g. Talk:[username]&action=history&redirect=no


to the root URL (removing the other passed arguments, e.g.