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There are many statistics available about various Wikimedia projects. Please link to any you know of from this page. These statistics are limited to quantitative data; qualitative (non-numerical) data are excluded.

Statistics about all language projects[edit]

Stats based on external (non-Wikimedia) data[edit]

Complex metrics and statistics[edit]

  • Statistics which are not currently calculated are in italics.
  • Statistics that rely on metrics which are not yet collected are in bold.

per User

per Article
per User-Group
per Article-Group (Category, WikiProject)
per WM Project
all WM Projects

how many of the top queries have WP as the first result? one of the first three?
this needs to be done retroactively...


Statistics in this section are available for specially for a small number of languages, and may not be regularly calculated.

  • shows page access counts over last 90 days
  • http// do the same but for years

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