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Note: This is a suggestion from the list Basic Wikipedia and help pages.

The idea of this page is to give the reader the impression that he is welcomed to read your language edition, and that he might consider to become a contributor himself. Then the page gives two, three links to pages important to him to get a better picture. Do NOT put too much information or too much links onto this kind of page.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, exists also in our language [or: name of your language]. This welcoming page gives you basic information and tells what Wikipedia can mean to you.

A free encyclopedia[edit]

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, universal and about all issues. We call it a "free" encyclopedia, because:

  • you can read it on the internet, for free;
  • there is no firm editorial staff, only volonteers;
  • it is neutral and independent.

Who is allowed to contribute? Everyone who respects our rules. The basic rules are:

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a place to chat, forum for propaganda, blog for personal experiences etc.
  • Treat your fellow Wikipedians with respect.
  • Respect copyright laws, do not steal texts from books or the internet.

You are allowed to contribute even without registering, but we recommend to register (it is easy and free). As a registered user you have more features, and other Wikipedians can communicate to you easier. You can stay anonimous, whether you are registered or not.

You can contribute by e.g.

  • find and correct typing errors;
  • find a better wording;
  • improve an existing article and add sentences;
  • create new articles.

The Wikipedia:Frequently Asked Questions explain you a lot of other basic things about Wikipedia.

Wikipedia in our language[edit]

Since [enter date] a Wikipedia language edition exits also in our language. Of course, it is much smaller than e.g. English Wikipedia, but we are working on improving it.

Wikipedia in our language is important because

  • many of our speakers do not speak a foreign language well.
  • our language can only survive if provides information about the world.
  • it would be difficult to publish a multivolumous, up to date encyclopedia in our language in a written form.
  • it shows to other nations that our language still exists and is vivid.

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