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Invalid InterWiki links (list?)[edit]

You'd said "Note: Getting avare of an invalid InterWiki link could be browser / setup / configuration depending, somone can see the link and anotherone not. Using Status RESOLVED and Resolution WORKSFORME does not solve the problem."

In fact making status RESOLVED doesn't always solve the problem, that's why there's another status called REOPENED. A bug can be REOPENED even after it's marked CLOSED, not just RESOLVED.
WORKSFORME is supposed to be used (at least as per original bugzilla guidelines/help) when there isn't enough info. to reproduce the problem. Example: If a bug just says "links to de: don't work", and a developer sees that in his/her browser a link from fr: to something in de: works (and repeats this observation with a few other foo:->de:), the bug would be marked WORKSFORME. There's no use in keeping bugs at the status NEW when no progress is going to be made. If someone hits upon the bug again and is careful enough to note extra details (link from en:foo_bar to de:foeoe_baer doesn't work in the Foxplorer browser) developers could reproduce the issue and solve it. If someone says WORKSFORME, try to reproduce the problem and REOPEN the bug and give more details. Don't take the WORKSFORME too personally. -- Paddu 21:03, 10 Nov 2004 (UTC)
Thank you for the answer Paddu. I think I learned not to take answers / reactions too personally.
My main concerns is that happens after I write / post somthink, where I assume that this issue is important (for me and others). But I keep learning ;-) Gangleri 23:24, 2004 Nov 10 (UTC)
Yeah this issue is important, but as we are working with people all over the world, people might view things differently. If you think the other person hasn't done anything constructive and has repeatedly undone whatever you've done without explanation, you should take the matter to the appropriate page for dealing with such behaviour in the particular wiki, like en:WP:RFC. BTW I'm not active in non-English wikipedias and cannot contribute much to this issue, I just wanted to make sure you understand WORKSFORME doesn't mean the end of the world :). If you feel someone has created a bugzilla account with the sole intention of marking bugs WORKSFORME, you should report that in the wikitech-l mailing list. But these things would be rare. If you don't agree with what someone has done just say why. -- Paddu 11:37, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)

remove this dummy[edit]

remove this dummy[edit]