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This page centralizes my notes on xTools. One issue is this service has no steward to watch out for its integral operation.

The latest symptom is No Webservice, 12:51, 7 April 2015 (UTC) reported on en VPT. The same message appeared sporadically in the past.

Clearly a necessary resource is getting stepped on, causing loss of service.

Original service[edit]

Volunteers on Toolserver started xTools. on a European server.

Toolserver was shut down, and many of the tools were moved to a dedicated US server, causing disconnections in service, at present.

Original provider[edit]

One early developer: Hedonil

Current code[edit]

Currently xTools is hosted on github.

Current developers[edit]

  • en User:cyberpower678, MusikAnimal, Nakon, Technical 13

Hedonil is not on this list.

Infrastructure[edit] servers 2010-2

github is the proper venue [Maniphest] [Created] T76297: 10-minute load times on toolserver 2014-11-30, just learned this 11:08, 11 April 2015 (UTC)

is Gerrit used for tool labs?

php func ref

dashboard history

xtools modules

public_html public_html/XTools.js

d adminstats

[ w ] [ x ] [ y ] [ z ]

Some data[edit]

'301 Moved Permanently

This tool has moved to a new location. You will be redirected to shortly.'