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I am passionate about promoting the Igbo language amid the fast development taking place in the world. As a way of contributing, securing, and learning from scientific developments, I have volunteered in community services for the translation and voicing of health-related messages for illiterate women organized by REDAID NIGERIA in partnership with Audiopedia (URIDU) and sponsored by GIZ.

My flash fiction titled "Nurtures Inside" has been published in the only surviving student journal since 1961 called The Muse. WakeUp Africa magazine has published my creative poem titled "Survivor" in one of her post-Covid poetry contests.

As a lover of music, I enjoy playing the keyboard as food for my soul. I am open to learning new things in the academic, entertainment, political and religious sectors.

View it! September update

View it! Tool
View it! Tool update Sept. 2022

Thank you for signing up for View it! updates!

As a reminder, you can view details about how to install the View it! user script or use the Toolforge tool on our meta page. Please use the talk page there to contact the team!

August happenings

  • We held two community conversations, one in person at Wikimania 2022/Pittsburgh and one virtual during a Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network meeting.
    • During both meetings we discussed final design of View it!, and results refinement and querying. Check the August updates for notes from both meetings.
  • View it! is working across all Wikimedia projects, and we are currently working on multi-lingual functionality.

Coming in September

  • Currently plan to focus development on multilingialism, on-wiki/editor features for the user script, and extending the search functions on Toolforge.
  • We are continuing to respond to user feedback and finalizing design.

Action to take

  • Install Beta script and see how it can used to add new images to articles.
  • All editors are invited to share the tool with their local wiki communities, or incorporate it into relevant local templates, such as infoboxes. If you do so, please let us know about it, so we can ensure backwards compatibility for that use case as we continue development!
  • Feel free to leave comments on our Discussion page

-- JamieF (talk) 19:45, 11 September 2022 (UTC)Reply

View it! has been expanded and will have an official launch demo session Jan. 12th

Goat View it! results
View it! Tool update Jan. 2023

Big news, View it! users! Over the last two months, View it! has been expanded to two versions. Our new full version shows images within the wiki content page, and the "View" tab displays a gallery of images without leaving the site you are on, as you can see at right. We have rebranded the original version, which utilizes the "View" tab to link to our Toolforge search results, to "Lite". We invite you to switch to full version and try it out! Major changes:

  • The full version includes an image carousel on each content page (at the top, under the article navigation buttons) which can be expanded for pagination.
  • You may notice the "View" button has moved to between the "Read" and "Edit" buttons - the View button is in the same place for both versions and we felt this was a better placement for editors.
  • In full version, clicking the "View" tab will take you to a full-screen gallery.

Action to take

Thank you for being a part of the View it! journey and please join us for the launch on January 12th!

As a reminder, you can view details about how to install the View it! user script or use the Toolforge tool on our meta page. Please use the talk page to contact us with comments or issues.

JamieF (talk) 04:05, 9 January 2023 (UTC)Reply