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Confidentiality agreement[edit]

Hi Coffee. Thanks for your candidature for stewardship. You say you already signed the confidentiality agreement as you're an OTRS member, but that's a different agreement. Please follow the instructions of this page and make sure you also sign the general confidentiality agreement, as that is the one you need for steward/CU/OS rights. Thanks (and good luck). Trijnsteltalk 13:36, 27 January 2018 (UTC)

Thank you for the heads up! I had thought they were the same NDA... I obviously was wrong haha. I've now signed the correct document. Thanks again for the warm welcome! Coffee // have a cup // 14:45, 27 January 2018 (UTC)

steward question[edit]

Thanks for answering my question. I wanted to follow up with you about your comment: "FOIA requests take months." I guess they do. The reason I mentioned FOIA was that I've become a fan of this blog. Apparently, some folks not only lie about their military service to impress people but they also create fake paperwork to support their lies. This website frequently sends in FOIA requests on folks and they publish them for the audience. It's quite a show. The article on Military imposters discusses the motivations behind this phenomenon. Certainly, I'm not accusing you of being dishonest. The liars that get caught are always claiming crazy stuff like dozens of awards and special forces training and stuff. Lots of times these liars will be bilking the gov't out of money or they'll post a gofundme, claiming PTSD and such when it turns out that they've never been overseas, let alone in combat. I guess cases where people got something from their claims are Federal crimes in the US. I'm just conditioned to expect records from the government, independent of what the subject hands over. I think the adage goes: "no one on the internet knows that you're a dog." My ears perk up when people employ cognitive biases, like the appeal to authority fallacy, and that's why I asked my question. Chris Troutman (talk) 23:38, 8 February 2018 (UTC)

  1. I know of many veterans whose PTSD is rated fully service-connected but not from combat. Please do not try and discredit those veterans' mental illness nor how their military service has caused it. (Especially when I had a very close friend of mine commit suicide for non-combat PTSD. You ought attend a few military funerals before you get on your high horse about what should or should not be considered "PTSD" in your eyes. Your comment is truly a sign that you're disconnected from the true reality of war (beyond a TV screen) and perhaps think that only those who have been in combat can get "fucked up". I do indeed hope you can retract it, or at least spend some time at a local VA hospital and volunteer sometime, which will drastically change your viewpoints on that.)
  2. If you still doubt anything I've said, or if you think I was going to provide "fake paperwork" through OTRS in violation of federal law, you may feel free to open an FOIA request on all of my military records. Here is the information you'll need from our contact in the Air Force:
JoAnne Collins
FOIA Contact
1000 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC 20330-1000
(703) 693-2735 (Telephone)
Good day. Coffee // have a cup // 07:53, 13 February 2018 (UTC)
So we're clear, I already said "Certainly, I'm not accusing you of being dishonest." I'm also not a doctor making a diagnosis. I guess you let your indignation get ahead of you. By the way, is JoAnne Collins going to know who User:Coffee is? I think the issue here is that you can't insist on anonymity and then make claims for which we have only your word, which is why I asked the question in the first place. It doesn't matter. Nobody in the Air Force can tell me if you would be a good WMF steward; you helped me figure that out for myself. Chris Troutman (talk) 04:02, 14 February 2018 (UTC)
If it helps you to know, my name is Chet B. Long. Ms. Collins will be able to look that up just fine. I've stated elsewhere that I'm fully identified to the foundation. Being a steward/admin/OTRS volunteer is not a popularity contest, so I'm never going to be interested in veiled threats like you just made. I only do what the community wants me to do, if the current consensus is that other candidates are more suitable then so be it. I'm not trying out for a hat contest. Good day, Coffee // have a cup // 04:14, 14 February 2018 (UTC)


Impressive work on Black history this month, Mr. Coffee. c\_᷉/ SashiRolls (talk) 00:46, 26 February 2018 (UTC)

Thank you very much SashiRolls! Face-smile.svg Coffee // have a cup // 00:53, 26 February 2018 (UTC)