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Response from the Wikimedia Cuteness Association[edit]

Dear Katherine, Today you requested the Wikimedia Cuteness Association in your keynote session to endorse the Wikimedia 2030, the 2017 movement strategy direction. We are happy to inform you that both the Wikimedia Cuteness Association and the Wikimedia Cuteness Advisory Committee endorse the strategic direction. We just published an official statement at: Wikimedia Cuteness Association/Vision for Wikimedia 2030.

Nothing can hold you back any longer from signing the section Users that support cuteness in the Wikimedia movement on the page Wikimedia Cuteness Association. Do you also want some stickers? Wendy the Weasel (talk) 01:47, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

Flow - Has the WMF reversed position regarding uninstalling it?[edit]

In November 2016 Flow was amicably uninstalled from EnWiki[1] by request from the community. (We skipped running an RFC, everyone agreed the RFC would pass.) People were happy with how helpful and cooperative the WMF was.

In February the WMF published the results of a survey on Flow.[2] The survey found 38% support for Flow, however those results were inflated. The WMF targeted a massive number of personal survey invitations to Flow-enthusiasts. Based on those results, the survey report recommended that the WMF resume development of Flow, and that the WMF pursue expanded deployment of Flow. Flow development was then added to the Quarterly schedule.

In March Flow was uninstalled from MetaWiki[3] by RFC request (87% consensus).[4] People were happy with how helpful and collaborative the WMF was.

There is currently an RFC underway on Commons requesting Flow be uninstalled.[5] It is still early, but it looks like it is heading to consensus.

There is currently discussion at German Wikipedia to open an RFC to uninstall Flow.

However recently some members of the staff have suggested that the WMF has reversed position. They suggest that the WMF may no longer be willing to uninstall Flow from communities that don't want it. This has people concerned and upset. It also seems to be a very strange position, the WMF would spend more time talking about why it won't uninstall Flow than it would take to actually uninstall Flow.

Could you please confirm the WMF's position? Is the WMF willing to uninstall Flow from communities that don't want it? Thanks. Alsee (talk) 20:34, 13 September 2017 (UTC)

Hey Alsee,
Katherine is traveling at the moment, and she asked me to reply on her behalf as the product manager for the Structured Discussions tool (formerly Flow).
As you say, we at the Foundation accepted the earlier requests from the English Wikipedia and Meta wikis to remove the Structured Discussions tool from their wikis. On the Commons RfC that you started, I indeed said that "I have decided not to de-install this software from this or any other wiki without a solid technical reason for doing so." I explained there briefly why: custom configurations for each wiki slightly slow down the sites for every reader and editor, and they complicate Ops' work, which is a security risk. The greater the complexity of variation between wikis, the more expensive in time, server cycles, and maintenance – and thus, money – everything will be.
I'm sad at your characterisation of the survey of users of the system as "inflated". We at the Foundation have a duty to support our users across our many projects, including around tools more suited and acceptable to some than others. When seeking improvements to the upload tools, we survey users from Commons rather than some conceptually balanced sample of all Wikimedians. When we want to support the OCR text features of ProofreadPage, we talk to Wikisource users. Similarly, when we wanted to know how the structured discussions system was working for its users, we sought the views of those who had experience with it, and their responses convinced us of the need to resource some improvements.
We published the initial draft of the annual plan back in April, and advertised it quite widely for community input. No one objected to (and several were happy with) our proposal therein to improve Structured Discussions during that process. I consider our annual plan a sort of "contract with the communities", and it's important to me that when we say we will do things, our communities can expect that we keep to our commitments in that plan.
Jdforrester (WMF) (talk) 23:04, 13 September 2017 (UTC)