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Latest comment: 16 years ago by Midnight Star in topic re: opposing vote on my confirmation

Hi, it's best to contact me on my de user talk.

re: opposing vote on my confirmation

Oppose Oppose --Midnight Star 17:42, 4 December 2007 (UTC) And here is the detailed reason: During the 20 months I’m with Wikipedia it happened about 10 times that I turned to a special rights user (steward, bureaucrat or checkuser), each time for a good reason in my view. Except one single time (Angela) I have to report only disapponting expieriences. In half of the cases I was ignored. Once I requested a renaming, and it took 10 days until the responsible bureaucrat responded. That is someone who usually edits Wikipedia 10 hours a day, as far as I see it, and he edited exactly until a few minutes before my request. Some time later the 2 bureaucrates (at that time the only 2 bureaucrates in the second largest WP community, besides) stated towards the community, that there was no need for a third bureaucrat. I think such a statement illustrates how special rights users judge things only from their very own view. After waiting 8 days I turned to a steward for the renaming. The idea was that he could have renamed all my accounts on the miscellaneous wikis, making it unnecessary for me to turn to four different bureaucrats on different wikis. But I was rejected, because „stewards shouldn’t do the bureaucrates jobs...“. In Germany we call that a „Media Markt mentality“, refering to the service personal of Media Markt, who always tell you „that’s not my area, please turn to my colleague“ (usually some very busy colleague then). I criticize that stewards cultivate a policy that lets them permanetly say „this is not my job, turn to someone else“. Now more than two days ago I came to Pathoschild and asked a simple question about a Simple Wikipedia. I asked him, because I want to be discreet – it could be that you actually don’t want new requests for more Simple Wikipedias and also don’t want to have those topics discussed. Meanwhile Phatoschild worked a lot here on Meta (3 periods + one edit), including confirmations of many stewards and playing in his sandbox. It would have cost him maybe half a minute to answer my question, but he didn’t. There was a very similar request before mine, and it only took 7 minutes to be responded. Other than in my case, Phatoschild knows the other querist, I guess. As I have already stated here, requests to special rights users often take much too long to be cared about, especially when you're not an aquaintance or a friend of that special user. Sometimes you can be happy if you don't get ignored. That is a characteristic problem accross the whole Wikimedia Community, and I think most of the senior staff isn't even aware of that. You might think, it is not cool to elaborate on these issues like I did here. But I am really annoyed about these special rights users mentalities, which all lead back to the same core. And certainly there are many people in the communities with similar perceptions. I am just campaigning for to pay some regard to the „little wikipedians“ generally. To maintain Media Markt etc. within Wikimedia might lead to different futurities. One is, that you just free stewards from the need to be reconfirmed. Another is, that you might have not only one, but some 50 or more opposers here next year, and not only opposing one, but all stewards. Thank you for your attention --Midnight StarReply
Hello Midnight Star. Unfortunately, I am extremely busy this week and cannot respond promptly to the many queries on my talk page. If you look at my talk page history, you will see that all users that posted comments before and after you have also gone unanswered. I typically respond to all waiting comments simultaneously, but several comments require in-depth investigation that take a lot of time that I do not have this week. You have pointed out my edits elsewhere, but these are simple edits between other tasks that do not require any great investment of time.
If your request is urgent, you can post again requesting a prompt answer and I will do my best to answer you promptly. I am not ignoring you; if you review other discussions on that page, you will see that I never leave a comment unanswered, and usually try to answer as soon as possible.
Note that your question concerning requests for new languages is relevant to my role as a member of the language subcommittee, not as a steward. Regarding your general comments about stewards, note that stewards are bound by the steward policies, which state "Don't promote users on projects with existing bureaucrats". We are not allowed to circumvent active bureaucrats simply to expedite the process for a user.
To answer your original question, a large number of subdomain requests were closed in late 2006 after the implementation of the language proposal policy (this is explained in the rejection message on Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Simple German). Although you are free to open a new request, it will likely be rejected because it fails the requisites set out by that policy, particularly having it's own ISO 639 code, and sufficient uniqueness that it could not be part of the German Wikipedia. —{admin} Pathoschild 18:46:19, 04 December 2007 (UTC)