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The Very Small GLAM term identifies GLAM entities of very small size. How small? It's inspired from the concept of VSE (very small entities) coined for the ISO/IEC 29110 series (Q719751) and applied to software development entities up to 25 members. To set a focus we, a bit arbitrarily, chose the number 5 as «up to 5» members of an institution or team working in GLAM. Very Small GLAM is not restricted to Open GLAM, but Open GLAM would probably be the best approach or complement for this teams with not so much resources.

Our goal is to reduce entry barriers for very small GLAM entities, existing or new others, to set up their IT systems, to adopt high-grade professional practices to:

  • help to breaking down barriers among various collections;
  • facilitate access to collections for interdisciplinary and cross-collection research;
  • expand access for researchers and the public beyond geographical confines;
  • serve a broad spectrum of audiences for mutual benefit;
  • and to nourish and grow the digital commons of humanities.

At this moment this is structured by the SMALL GLAM SLAM Pilot 1 project funded by the WMF (ID: 22444585).

Project scope[edit]

To focus the development, the project is setting up the IT infrastructure for the future cinema documentation center, as a new activity line in LaOficina. The first tasks are related to the archiving of the multimedia resources collected in the realization of the «Memorias del Cine» project. So, the first GLAM facets are archiving, digitization and data preservation.

Project activity areas[edit]


  • Péricles Dias de Oliveira
  • Ismael Olea, coordinator

Both are employed by LaOficina Producciones Culturales (Q113320103). To contact the team you can use Phabricator or reach Ismael by Telegram or mail.

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