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Visibility Project/East Africa

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Visibility Project

The Visibility Project for East Africa is one of our drives to improve the visibility of African Women and increase the number of female contributors on Wikipedia. The project will focus a month-long Wikipedia training for women journalists in East Africa. The report of the overall project can found here.


African Women in Media, with support from UNESCO within the framework of the IPDC' is implementing the project “Risk Communication and Community Engagement training for East African Women in Media.”  The resource hub will house six MOOCs, a research centre, and a database of East African women global health journalists. AWiM considers the capacity development of women journalists, and the development of research into the lived experiences of African women in media industries as two of its five core priorities. This project contributes to achieving these. The resultant journalistic outputs will also contribute to improving the representation of African women in media content, another key priority area for AWiM. The project will also see Wikimedia teams in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania, train 200 East African women journalists to create Wikipedia profiles for East African women journalists specialised in health reporting.

Wikimedia User Group Nigeria (WUGN) is one of over 165 international affiliates of Wikimedia Foundation Inc, headquartered at Sanfrascico, United States of America. It was registered as Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc. as a non-profit organization in Nigeria with the aims of promoting open license initiatives in Nigeria through the promotion of Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda is a team of self-motivated individuals who volunteer to facilitate the creation and improvement of Ugandan content on Wikimedia Foundation project websites and promote free and open access to knowledge locally. The team also invests in projects that sensitize and train communities about Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania is one of the officially recognized user groups of Wikimedia projects contributors who serves to extend the reach of Wikimedia Foundation projects and activities in Tanzania. The aim of this group is establishing the presence of the Wikimedia Movement in Tanzania as well as creating awareness of Wikimedia projects to Tanzanians, editing and adding contents to Wikimedia projects which includes editing Swahili Wikipedia (swwiki) and English Wikipedia (enwiki). Also the group serves on recruiting and training people on how they can be a part of Wikimedia movement through editing and adding contents to Wikipedia and its sister projects. Although the group deals with both Wikipedia ya Kiswahili and English Wikipedia, much focus is on Swahili Wikipedia. Apart from those activities, the group plays the roles of hosting different online and offline events such as Editathons (Wikipedia editing sessions), Workshops, entering partnership with free knowledge entities as well as hosting Trainings that seeks to extend and improve the reach of Wikimedia projects to Tanzanians and elsewhere whenever needed.

Scope of Work[edit]

  • Training: Collation of resources for training and release of licenses under CCBYSA, design and launch of program dashboard for measuring project metrics, communication channel and design of project landing page ( Meta).
  • Webinar Session: Four (5) online Wikipedia hands-on training will be organized to focus on different areas of Wikipedia module. Details of focused areas are listed in the table above.
  • Mentorship: Attending to feedback from students, allocation of assignment to students, tracking of articles, review and rating of article before publication to avoid harassment and nomination of articles for deletion.
  • Reporting: Project reporting, number of editors participated, number of bytes contributed, number of articles created, number of articles edited, the total number of photos uploaded to commons.

Project Time-Lines/ Work Plan[edit]

Activities Specific Activities Time Lines Expected Outcomes Remarks
  • Collation of Resources Release of content under CCBYSA)
  • Design and launch of Program dashboard for measuring Project metrics
  • Design of project landing page ( Meta)
  • Registration of participants on and off-wiki.
  • Social media engagement eg Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc
05 -11 June 2020 Participants are expected to visit the project landing page and partner’s website for the uploaded Videos for a self-pace training session.
Live Training
  • Basic Wikipedia Editing and How to Cite a Wikipedia Article
  • Wikimedia Commons: Licenses and the Use of Freely Licensed Images on Wikipedia
  • Work-Flow of Creating Wikipedia page
  • Cheatsheet of Wikipedia Editing
  • Jifunze kuhariri Wikipedia (Learn how to edit Wikipedia)
8-12 June 2020 Participants will be engaged in live training sessions ( hands-on) Duration (2hrs) per Webinar session. Each session will be recorded and make available before the next session on the landing page
Mentorship Class
  • Attending to feedbacks from students per previous sessions
  • Allocation of assignment to students
15-19 June 2020 The following modules are expected to be covered:
  • Wikipedia Essentials
  • Editing Basic
  • Evaluating Article and Sources
  • Sandbox and Mainspace
  • Sources and Citation
  • Plagiarism +Copyright Violation
  • Editing Journalism Tools
  • Contributing Images and Media Files ||
  • New editors to create their account before the event ( if it has not been earlier created)
  • Assign an event creator for the event
  • Participants to sign up to the event dashboard
  • Revision of all submitted names to confirm their notability status.
  • Participants are assigned with names that satisfy Wikipedia's notability guidelines
  • Articles review by a mentor before publication
22-25 June 2020
  • At least over 50 articles about African women will be created on Wikipedia
  • At least 0ver 70 participants will become Wikipedian editors
Reporting Project Reporting
  • Number of editors participated
  • Number of Bytes contributed. Number of articles created
  • Number of articles edited
  • Total number of photos uploaded to commons
26 June-05 July 2020 The overall report of the event as mentioned in the column for Specific activities are presented to AWIM and Publish on landing page

Our Facilitators and Mentors [edit]





Ayokanmi Oyeyemi

Experienced Trainer from Wikimedia Nigeria

Ayokanmi Oyeyemi is an experienced Wikipedia editor and trainer within the wikimedia movements from Nigeria. His penchant for documenting African story and profiling various remarkable African women has given him the opportunity to travel wide organizing and facilitating various trainings. He is very passionate about the works of women and had worked closely within the last 3 years to give voice to women. Aside leading women projects, he is also an award winning professional photographer and co-lead for Wiki Loves Love International project. He resides and work from Lagos, Nigeria

Antoni Mtavangu

Co-founder | Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania

Antoni Mtavangu is a tech enthusiast & entrepreneur, Wikimedia projects volunteer & contributor since 2016, Women advocate and a Co-founder of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania. His main focus is on expansion of Swahili Wikipedia through editing it, starting new articles as well as facilitating, sharing knowledge and leading Wikipedia training to his fellow Wikimedians on how to contribute to Wikimedia projects. Through collaboration with his community members, He has championed various projects such as Wiki Loves Women, Wikigap, Wiki Loves Africa, Afrocine project, #1Lib1Ref, organizing East Africa Wikipedia Training, local editathons and Wiki-Workshops.

Currently he is also a Universal Code of Conduct facilitator working with the Wikimedia Foundation on creation of the Universal Code of Conduct policy, a projects that is expected to create an environment where every Wikimedian and any other open knowledge enthusiasts will feel free to contribute to WMF projects without having any fear of being harassed.

Sam Oyeyele

Founder of The AfroCine Project

Sam has been a Wikipedian since 2011. He is a founding-member of Wikimedia Nigeria, and since its inception has served as the Outreach Coordinator, coordinating and facilitating dozens of Wikimedia outreach events, workshops, contests, edit-a-thons and campaigns. He is also the founder of The AfroCine Project, a multi-country and multi-faceted WikiProject which aims to encourage the contribution of content that relates to the historical and contemporary cinema, theatre, and arts sectors of several African countries, the Caribbean and the diaspora to Wikimedia projects."

Medi Ashioma

User Experience Designer.

Ashioma Medi is a User Interface and User Experience Designer. He is a graduate of Chemistry from the Delta State University, Nigeria and holds a Master's degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Ashioma has been an active contributor to the Wikimedia projects (English Wikipedia, Commons, Meta and Wikibooks) since 2017. He holds the New Pages Reviewer right on the English Wikipedia. Outside the Wikimedia movement, he is a Visual & User Experience Designer and self taught programmer, as well as a Data Analyst. He loves basketball and video games.

Uzoma Ozurumba

Co-founder of the Igbo Wikimedians User Group

Uzoma Ozurumba is a Co-founder of the Igbo Wikimedians User Group one of the recognised Wikimedia community in Nigeria. Since 2017, she has been contributing primarily to Meta, Commons, Igbo Wikipedia as well as Igbo Wiktionary, of which she is a founder. Uzoma serves as the Igbo Wiki User Group co-ordinator and a Strategy Liaison for the group. She is very passionate about bridging the gender gap online and has been WikiGap ambassador for 3years.

Isaac Olatunde

Co-founder of Wikimedia Nigeria

Isaac Olatunde is a long-time Wikipedia editor, Co-founder and the Trustee Secretary, Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc. He was a member of the Individual Engagement Grant Committee, WMF (2015-2016) and a serving member of the Project Grant Committee, Wikimedia Foundation. He co-chaired the Wiki Indaba Conference 2019 and chaired the Scholarship Review Committee. He served on the Scholarship Committee, Creative Commons Global Summit 2020. Isaac is an Associate Editor, WikiJournal of Medicine (2020 to date). He has led over 30 Wikimedia training/workshops. He is an administrator on Yoruba Wikipedia and a Copyright License Reviewer on Wikimedia Commons.

Alice Kibombo

Librarian and trainer from Wikimedia Usergroup Uganda

Alice is a member of the Wikimedia Community User Group – Uganda. Over the last 4 years she has coordinated and facilitated a number of Wikimedia campaigns, workshops, contests and edit-a-thons in Uganda. Her main interests are in projects that aim to decrease the gender gap, GLAM and history and she regularly contributes to both English and Luganda Wikipedias as well as WikiData.

Communication Team [edit]





Kayode Yussuf

Communications Lead, Wikimedia Nigeria

Kayode is an IT security expert and co-founder of Securepoint Technologies Ltd. He co-founded Wikimedia Usergroup Nigeria and sits on the board of Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation. Kayode is passionate about open education and open access. He serves as Creative Commons Global Network Council Representative.

James Popoola

Coordinate social media update for the project

James is an SDGs Ambassador, 2019 MCN Fellow, Wikimedia Editor and Social Media Experts

John Adekunle

Graphics designer for Wikimedia Nigeria

John is Lead Director of The Just Foundation and professional graphic designer.

Resources for Self-pace Training [edit]


Webinar Sessions

S/n Agenda Date Time (EAT) Facilitator Video links
1 Wikimedia Commons: Licenses and the Use of Freely Licensed Images on Wikipedia 8 June 2020 2pm-4pm Olatunde Isaac
2 Basic Wikipedia Editing and How to Cite a Wikipedia Article 9 June 2020 2pm-4pm Uzoma Ozurumba
3 Work-Flow of Creating Wikipedia page 10 June 2020 2pm-4pm Ayokanmi Oyeyemi
4 Five Pillars of Wikipedia and The Cheatsheet of Wikipedia Editing 11 June 2020 2pm-4pm Sam Oyeyele
5 Jifunze kuhariri Wikipedia (Learn how to edit Wikipedia) 12 June 2020 2pm-4pm Antoni Mtavangu

Video Gallery for the Webinar sessions[edit]

Mentorship Class[edit]

S/n Mentor Dashboard
1 Olaniyan Olshuola Class A
2 Isaac Olatunde Class B
3 Oyeyemi Ayokanmi Class C
4 Ashioma Medi Class D
5 Uzoma Ozurumba Class E
6 Antoni Mtavangu Class G
7 Alice Kibombo Class H


Names of remarkable women from East Africa Profiled for the Visibility Project[edit]

This paragraph serves as a point for showcasing names of East African women ( alive or dead ) that have done tremendous things in their chosen profession.

S/n Article Project Occupation Citizenship Gender Word added to Wikipedia References
1 Purity Ngina En.Wiki Academician Kenyan Female 1054 14
2 Sheila Kawamara-Mishambi En.Wiki Journalist Uganda Female 2154 26
3 Jacqueline Asiimwe En.Wiki Lawyer Uganda Female 2096 20
4 Anne Nasimiyu Wasike En.Wiki Publisher Uganda Female 1817 21
5 Naome Kibaaju En.Wiki Politician Uganda Female 1393 17
6 NBS Television (Uganda) En.Wiki Media Entity Uganda NA 1197 15
7 Rukh-Shana Namuyimba En.Wiki MCommunication Specialist Uganda Female 1183 10
8 Margaret Masagazi En.Wiki Communication expert Uganda Female 1086 17
9 Achola Rosario] En.Wiki News Anchor, Artist and reporter Uganda Female 1054 16
10 Josephine Nabukenya] En.Wiki NHIV Activitsts+People Living with HIV Uganda Female 1040 20
11 Joyce Bagala] En.Wiki Journaist+News Manager Uganda Female 978 16
12 Emily Maractho] En.Wiki Journaist+Lecturer Uganda Female 880 9
13 Asiimwe Evarlyne Buregyeya] En.Wiki Politician Uganda Female 831 10
14 Penny Tinditina] En.Wiki News Anchor Uganda Female 797 18
15 Aisha Sematiko En.Wiki News Anchor Uganda Female 449 6
16 Gloria Kamba En.Wiki Show Presenter Uganda Female 335 4
17 Rama Jacqueline Aol En.Wiki Rama Jacqueline Aol Uganda Female 809 10
18 carole Mandi En.Wiki vaccinologist and immunization exper Uganda Female 500 17
19 Hanifa Kawooya En.Wiki Administrator and Politician Uganda Female
20 Beatrice Waithera Maina En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 407 9
21 Editar Adhiambo Ochieng En.Wiki Women's right Activist Kenya Female 298 3
22 Jerotich Seii En.Wiki Social Justice Campigner Kenya Female 138 3
23 Gladys Atieno Nyasuna Wanga En.Wiki Politician Kenya Female 566 7
24 Kathleen Openda - Mvati En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 331 3
25 Asha Mwilu En.Wiki Journalist+Documentary Filmamaker Kenya Female 315 3
26 Solange Ayanone En.Wiki Journalist Rwanda Female 271 3
27 Rose Wangui En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 269 2
28 Tabitha Rotich En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 245 1
29 Mercy Kandie En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 219 1
30 Jane Godia En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 198 1
31 Anne Mawathe En.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female 198 1
31 Ummy Ally Mwalimu Sw.Wiki Journalist Kenya Female
32 Gathoni Wa Muchomba En.Wiki Entrepreneur+Policitican Kenya Female 2020 27
33 Elsie S. Kanza En.Wiki Economist Tanzania Female 1026 11
34 Edith Kimani En.Wiki News Anchor Kanya Female 791 8
35 Jane Chemutai Goin En.Wiki News Jouinalist Kanya Female 1755 21
36 Gloria Laker Aciro News reporter Kanya Female 1755 21
37 Sarah Kimani Journalist Kanya Female 1285 15
38 Solange Ayanone Journalist Rwanda Female 271 3
39 Fausta Shakiwa Mosha Journalist|Tansania Female 308
40 Winnie Mpanju-Shumbusho Journalist Tanzania Female 290 4
41 Maryan Seylac Journalist Somalia Female 1080 4
42 Pamella Makotsi-Sittani Journalist+Author kenya Female 779
43 Paula Fray Journalsit South Africa Female

List of participants by User Names[edit]

GROUP A[edit]

  1. Queenter Mbori
  2. Sarah Biryomumaisho
  3. Javira Ssebwami Nsimbe
  4. Robi Koki Ochieng
    does not exist
  5. Janet Otieno-Prosper
  6. leahmushi
  7. CikuKim
  8. Culton Scovia Nakamya
  9. Esther Akello Ogola
  10. Anne Ngugi
  11. MissKuiG
  12. Starcarman
    does not exist
  13. Obuezie
  14. User:Mwakalinga Grace
  15. akarikr
  16. Sandra Aceng
  17. Winnie Kamau
  18. Caroline Kamau
  19. Jane Gitau
  20. Madinah Nansubuga
  21. Olive Atima
    not existing
  22. PatraKing
  23. Sheila Waruinu
  24. doris.okumu@wikipedia.org
    not exiting
  25. Namaganda Lillian
  26. seylac
  27. Oluwatosinoje
  28. nkusidiane
  29. 00022mina
    not existing
  30. Tebby Otieno
  31. Tayanai
    not existing
  32. alinda grace
  33. Noelyn
  34. Josephine Namakumbi
    not exsiting
  35. Wikinews
  36. Rehema osanya
    not existing
  37. Wikinews
    not existing
  38. Joan Julia Wamweru Maina
  39. Kisebu
  40. Irene Pendo
  41. Nabaasa innocent
  42. Ngozi Anosike
  44. Juliet JR
  45. Safii
    not existing
  46. Kakingo's
  47. Adellahorishaba
  48. Harriet Rhemmy Ayebare
  49. Yvonne E Mwende
  50. mitchellemugudo
  51. Sikika
  52. Sherlenev1996
  53. Mclaire
  54. Jayne Rose Gacheri
  55. Nakamoga zahara
  56. Janat Twahirwa
    not exsiting
  57. Saumumwalimu
  58. gcmacha@gmail.com
    not exsiting
  59. JaneAngom
  61. @Kagos
    not exsiting
  62. Mactilda
    not exsiting
  63. Finellah Akullu
    not exsiting
  64. BIRUNGI Rebecca
    not exsiting
  65. Alany patricia
  66. Winnie Cirino
  67. Janet Murikira
  68. Emily Ngugi
    not exsiting
  70. Jbyu
  71. Vivian Agaba
  72. Fitih Alemu
  73. Christina Daud
  74. Kaanaeli Kaale
    not exsiting
  75. Safari gedi
    not exsiting
  76. Babbie
  77. Tadesserebecca
  78. Bossdee
    not exsiting
  79. ninscharl
  80. Sosinaashenafi
  81. Lucy Ssuubi
  82. Clare Muhindo
  83. Dobare
  84. Cindy Odinga
  85. Ebun Atoke Elizabeth
  86. Folalanre
  87. Lyznana
  88. KiokD
  89. Cherono limo
  90. Zubeda Handrish
  91. KamauJulian
  92. Faith Alice
    not exsiting
  93. Yremyvette
    not exsiting
  94. Denho Denyse
    not exsiting
  95. christasemmic
  96. Nella
  97. tatumohamed
  98. Joan Comfort Agazu
  99. Janetnyanya
  100. yiftu2g@gmail.com
    not exsiting
  101. Estherkarin
  102. AIIrene0000
  103. eogoti2020
  104. nancy.angulo
  105. Mariam Busara
    not exsiting
  107. Mary Ajith
  108. Wacera Ngunjiri
  109. Janat.twahirwa
  110. JudyAlice
  111. Metasebia Shewaye Yilma "Meti"
  112. Namukabo Werungah
  114. Mwendeacwriting@gmail.com
  115. Anneati1996
  116. Rachel Nduati
  117. glorialaker
    not exsiting
  118. Agnès Nindorers
    not exsiting
  119. SUSAN32
    not exsiting
  120. Ashybella
  121. Etchie
  122. Ashley Lime
    not exsiting
  123. Metasebia Shewaye Yilma "Meti"
  124. Viola Kusasira
    not exsiting
  125. Musiimenta25
  126. Rose Reuben
  127. Fatuma Matulanga
  129. RayherbGakuru
  130. Gladness Munuo
  131. Emmanuela Erastol
    not exsiting
  132. Toepista Nabusoba
  133. Lynckly
  134. Osinakachukwu
  135. sharon kyomugisha
    not exsiting
  136. mukanyandwi
    not exsiting
  137. Acwecacommunicationg
  138. Madrine Nabukeera
    not exsiting
  139. Munan'yeMuna
  140. |Hartevans
  141. gobad