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Teele Vaalma (in the middle) supported us as a “Visiting Wikimedian” in organizing the Wikimedia Conference 2016

Visiting Wikimedian” is a program by Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE). The purpose of the program is to share experience and learnings from WMDE with other Wikimedia movement affiliates. The duration of the stay is three to four months.

What is a Visiting Wikimedian?[edit]

Our motivation[edit]

WMDE aims to be a learning partner for the Wikimedia movement. While we already benefit from the vast experience and knowledge that exists among the organizations of the Wikimedia movement, we want to go further: We would like to share our learnings, enable collaboration and team up with our partners to create greater impact together. WMDE, as one of the oldest and largest organisations in the movement, is committed to support the movements’ ability to learn together and to work effectively across chapters.

Over the course of the last four years, we had support by a “Visiting Wikimedian” from another Wikimedia affiliate in organizing the annual Wikimedia Conference (now: Wikimedia Summit) each year. The ultimate goal of the position is to allow the Visiting Wikimedian to apply their learnings to programs and processes in their home organization. Lessons learned can also be shared with the broader movement.

Have a look into the blog posts written by previous Visiting Wikimedians (see below) to know how their experiences were!

Former Visiting Wikimedians[edit]

Get in touch[edit]

We are always striving to improve this program. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please reach out to Cornelius Kibelka via e-mail to wmsummit(_AT_)