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Teele Vaalma (in the middle) supported us as a “Visiting Wikimedian” in organizing the Wikimedia Conference 2016

Visiting Wikimedian” is a program by Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE). The purpose of the program is to share experience and learnings from WMDE with other Wikimedia movement affiliates. The duration of the stay is three to six months.

What is a Visiting Wikimedian?[edit]

Our motivation[edit]

WMDE wishes to be a learning partner for the Wikimedia movement. By that we mean that while we already benefit from the vast experience and knowledge that exists among the organizations of the Wikimedia movement, we want to go further: We want to share our learnings, enable collaboration and team up with our partners to create greater impact together. WMDE, as one of the oldest and largest organisations in the movement, is committed to support the movement’s ability to learn together and to work effectively across chapters.

Over the last three years, each year we had support by a “Visiting Wikimedian” from another Wikimedia affiliate in organizing the annual Wikimedia Conference. The ultimate goal of the stay is that the Visiting Wikimedian can apply her/his learnings to programs and processes in their home organization. Lessons learned can also be shared with the broader movement.

Have a look into the blog posts written by previous Visiting Wikimedians (see below) to know how their experiences were!

Former Visiting Wikimedians[edit]

Do you want to be our Visiting Wikimedian for the Wikimedia Summit 2019?[edit]

We are looking for a Visiting Wikimedian for the next Wikimedia Conference, that will take place in Berlin during 29–31 March 2019. The Visiting Wikimedian program arose from organizing the Wikimedia conference, thus tasks will focus on supporting the successful implementation of the conference especially in terms of logistics.

Learning Areas[edit]

David Saroyan (on the right) supported us as a Visiting Wikimedian in organizing the Wikimedia Conference 2017

Based on our experiences from the last three “Visiting Wikimedian-ships”, we provide learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Project management: Learn about creating a project plan, making production schedules, setting up external/internal information- and communication structures, personnel planning and coordination, success and budget monitoring, project documentation
  • Participant management: Learn about registration management and processing, effective communication with participants (before, during, after the conference), arrangements for accommodation, visa, travel etc.
  • Management of event service providers: Learn about including third-party services into the concept of a conference, obtaining and evaluating service offers, coordinating service providers
  • Communication and engagement: Learn about coordinating the production of printed materials and giveaways or creating such, facilitating social interaction at conferences
  • Intercultural management: Learn about success factors when working in an international project environment and what to take into consideration when hosting culturally diverse participants
  • Regulatory framework: Learn about legal parameters and safety guidelines for the organization of events (you know, Germans and their rules)
  • BUT, I want to learn more: Is there anything else that interests you in organizing a conference? Hit us up and we’ll try to make it happen.

In general, we are open to designing the tasks together, according to the Visiting Wikimedian’s skills, needs and experiences. In addition, the Visiting Wikimedian can spend some time in other teams / departments of Wikimedia Deutschland.


Depending on the legal situation of the Visiting Wikimedian (being national of a member state of the European Union or not), contract details might differ. The general conditions are:

  • Optimally full-time (~40 hours per week; negotiable)
  • Regular Remuneration
  • On-site stay at WMDE’s office in Berlin for 4 to 6 months
  • Good English speaking skills are required, German speaking skills are not mandatory (WMDE’s office is bilingual)

In exchange, Wikimedia Deutschland, to it’s best ability, supports you to learn and benefit from your stay, and to be able to transfer your learnings to your home affiliate and the movement. In order to be able to design a good learning experience for you, we would like to encourage you to refer to the above mentioned learning opportunities  within your application letter and to prioritize them according to your interests and needs.

Application documents needed[edit]

Vira Motorko (2nd from the left) was the Visiting Wikimedian for the Wikimedia Conference 2018

Please send your cover letter (motivational letter) and CV to addressing the two project leads, Daniela Gentner and Cornelius Kibelka. Application deadline is September 19, 2018. Please cover these four questions within your cover letter (motivational letter):

  • What are you experiences in organizing conferences?
  • Why would you like to work with us?
  • Which of the above mentioned “learning areas” would you like to focus on during your stay?
  • How would you apply the knowledge afterwards back in your home affiliate? Are you planning to organize a conference afterwards?

We encourage people from Emerging Communities, within and beyond Europe to apply for this position. We are committed to equal opportunities and do not discriminate on the basis of, for example, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion or belief, political or other opinion, gender, age, disability or sexual identity or orientation.

Get in touch[edit]

We are always striving to improve this program. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please reach out to Cornelius Kibelka and Daniela Gentner via e-mail to