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Volunteer Response Team/Mailing list policy

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Several Volunteer Response Teams have a dedicated mailing list used for discussion regarding tickets or other issues pertaining directly to users with access to a particular queue (or group of queues).

Given the nature of VRTS and the critical need for an open line of communication amongst agents, the following policy applies:

An agent with access to a queue that has a designated mailing list is required to be remain subscribed to that list so long as they hold access to the queue. If they prefer, they may set their preference to "NOMAIL" or "digest mode", although this is discouraged.

This policy is meant to keep all users informed of important updates as well as assist in the overall development of "language communities" and encourage participation from all agents. Additionally, it will allow those agents who have the "NOMAIL" option set to still view any relevant discussions by logging into Mailman and viewing the list archives.