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The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that supports Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, hosts a monthly metrics and activities meeting to share stories, initiatives, projects, research, and more about the Wikimedia movement.

The meetings are for people involved with or interested in the Wikimedia movement. Speakers include Foundation staff, volunteer Wikimedians from around the world, and other free and open knowledge leaders. We invite you to watch — to learn more about Wikipedia, its sister sites, the free and open knowledge movement, and the people who make them possible.

The meetings typically take place on the last Thursday of each month at the Wikimedia Foundation's San Francisco offices. The meetings are broadcast live and available for everyone to view.

Upcoming meeting information[edit]

TriangleArrow-Left.svgMay 2018 Wikimedia Foundation monthly Metrics & Activities Meeting, June, 2018 July 2018TriangleArrow-Right.svg


June 2018 Wikimedia Foundation Metrics & Activities Meeting

Facilitator: James Alexander, Trust and Safety Operations Manager

  • Welcome and introduction to agenda - 2 minutes
  • Movement update - 3 minutes
  • Map Improvements 2018 - 15 minutes
  • Understanding workflows for editors - 15 minutes
  • Questions and discussion - 10 minutes
  • Wikilove - 5 minutes

Next Metrics & Activities meeting: Due to Wikimania 2018, information about the next meeting will be coming soon.

The meetings are hosted via Google Hangout and broadcast as a live YouTube stream using the "Hangout on Air" feature.

The YouTube stream URL is announced on IRC and on this wiki page when the meeting starts. Remote video participation via Hangout is possible, but limited to presenters.

Public video recordings will be available after the meeting under the same YouTube URL and on Commons. An automated log of the IRC conversation can be downloaded here.

Coordination and participation[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meetings is coordinated by the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department.

The department is currently seeking your input on these meetings and will be experimenting with different approaches and ideas.

Future meetings[edit]

Please submit your suggestions and requests for future presentations and highlights.

Previous meetings[edit]

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