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Wikimedia Quarto/Cover

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WQ 1 cover[edit]

A beautiful design by Aurevilly

See WQ/1 for more.

see also WQ/Cover/Zanimum drafts

We had a cover design contest for the second newsletter cover. Aurevilly did some fantastic work on the first cover, not an easy feat to duplicate. He also did great work for this cover in mid-Dec after we didn't get submissions before the initial contest deadline, thoroughly against his will. I now owe him *two* good American dinners. +sj+

Two people, cleverly remembering the "you often have to bend the rules to win" chestnut, submitted beautiful late entries. Zanimum won the post-contest with zan-gloss, shown below. If you have great ideas for the next cover, please note them on the Talk page. +sj+

Rules and Guidelines[edit]

see the first WQ cover here: Translation requests/NL-1/Covers

  • Links to submissions should be posted here no later than 01:23 UTC, December 15.
  • Submissions should be sketches or draft images between 200x200px and 600x800px.
  • Submissions should not be larger than 2MB. If you have, say, a layered .psd file which takes up 10MB before collapsing the layers, just note what the different layers are and submit a collapsed and compressed version.
  • A polished version of the winning submission will be used for the cover.

The perfect submission: beautiful, illustrating the theme of the newsletter, leaves room for a few clear headlines. Extra points for multilingual flavour, subtle uses of project logos [including the wikimedia logo somewhere near the upper-left corner], and clearly-defined subparts which could make for a good image map. Incorporating images from elsewhere in the projects is fine, as long as you doublecheck the copyright first (PD/CC-by licenses are preferred).

The theme for the second newsletter is 'collaboration'. You can see a draft table of contents here.


Zanimum in gloss[edit]

Winning design for issue 2, based on this submission.

A low-res pic of a possible format. It's reusable in that the picture and text can be changed every time, retaining a common "look". The pic I choice is featured, and I can change it to any other image if wanted. -- user:zanimum

Hi all, we`re a day less a month past the deadline. Are we going to finalise what`s what, so either Glitch or I can do the international covers, and get it all out of the way... also, I can insert the Wikimedia logo in if mine is chosen, also I know that the title is wrong, bad reading on my part. -- user:zanimum
  • +sj+
  • (Ant) - left a peppy comment on the image itself
  • Glitch010101
  • Awesome. Just a little note, I think we should use a serif font for the white fade-ins on the right side. Looks a bit more professional. Ambush Commander 23:24, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Nice overall I think, but I dislike having a Christian Cathedral be on the cover of an unbiased and multicultural project's newsletter (not to mention the Cathedral vs the Bazaar). The two rectangual boxes also look too strong (distracting) to me and the gradient is more web than print publishing I think. 119 00:15, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Glitch in white[edit]

by: Glitch010101

Also, below Zanimum's design is a draft of a Quarto cover featuring Ardvark the Aardvark (one of the "end pages" highlights) and a simple, white design.

I suppose I should disclaim here that I'm also the author of the Ardvark stuff, but I was delighted to see that it was being featured here in the Quarto and as of last friday, there was no cover at all. This is my stab at it but seeing zanimum's creation above I have to admit that my design doesn't hold a candle to his. Glitch010101 16:29, 10 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Neutral +sj+ - Wicked cool, but zan's layout's the bomb. (could use some margin art and icons for the next Quarto, though!)

LockeShocke in Blue[edit]

NB: Was to be used for WQ #3

Cover concept by LockeShocke

Enjoy. May be a little late to be considered. Comments are always appreciated. LockeShocke 19:45, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Super I like it66.245.209.18 07:33, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)
Neutral I like it but it has a big problem - we decided to omit "Wikipedia Retro" pages - so it is not surely appropriated its 4th anniversary is focused so much. Aphaia++ 15:16, 18 August 2005 (UTC)[reply]

WQ 3 Cover[edit]

A new cover by Lockeshocke in the vein of the original above (the original background image may have been deleted in the meantime, and was unavailable).

WQ 4 Cover[edit]

If no one else is, I'll do the cover once again. I plan to hold a vote for what image to use, out of the featured images on Commons. Hopefully that will draw some more users from that project to this, and get a great image. -- user:zanimum

Ideas for the future[edit]

  • a variant on the Guardian cover (cf.sans)
  • a blue variant on the WQ-1 cover (cf.nota, villy; drafts online)

The ice quarto is beautiful... it would be a good idea to show... that we are northern hemisphere oriented as well :-) Anthere