Why Wikipedia does not top the blogdex

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Discussion invited on why Wikipedia does not top the blogdex. It would seem, on first blush, that given its depth and breadth, it should be the number one place anyone would go for RSS feed news. After all, it maintains a headline base with very deep and neutral in-depth commentary. Is any public relations strategy sane without getting to the top of the blogdex? Opinions here:

A few possibilities:

  • Neutrality precludes flashy simplifications and aggressive editorials.
  • Formality and encyclopedic propriety are somewhat at odds with the hilarious, the grotesque, the absurd.
  • Wikipedia has too few distinct views, for instance not having separate RSS feeds for subjet-specific subjects (e.g., "politics", "sports", "arts"), and so caters only to information-hungry who love encyclopedias for their comprehensive nature.
  • Cameron privately knocks WP entries down a few notches to give all those other sites a chance