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Feminine Element of the Wiki (Polish: Wiki-pierwiastek kobiecy) is a planned edit-a-thon focused on biographies of notable women. The meeting will take place on 11 March 2017 in Warsaw and is a part of the on-going Wikipedia is a woman too project. The latter is a Polish Wikipedia's counterpart to both the Art + Feminism and Women in Red initiatives.

Facebook event

The goal of Wikipedia is to gather the sum of human knowledge. However, Wikipedia is lacking biographies of notable female writers, artists, scientists and politicians, to name but a few categories. When Wikipedia was compared with Britannica, it turned out that the online encyclopaedia lacks many more females than males.[1][2] When comparing Polish and English language editions of the online encyclopaedia, it turns out that we in Poland are almost 0.5 million female biographies behind. We can change this!

We meet on 11 March 2017, between 11 and 16 CET, in Warsaw's WLH im. Jacka Kuronia, Kłopotowskiego Street 31 in order to enrich Wikipedia with biographies of notable women. Anyone can join, entry is free of charge. You don't have to be an experienced editor; it's easy, you'll learn to write articles in no time. The meeting is organised by Wikimedia Polska and the WLH im. Jacka Kuronia high school.

How to prepare?

  1. Register an account on Wikipedia
  2. If there is a particular woman you would like to describe, try to find reliable sources on her in advance. There's also plenty of lists of missing women created as part of the Wikipedia is a woman too, including a list of over 600 Poles missing from Polish Wikipedia, a list of painters, journalists or scientists (all available here). Just pick one or two.
  3. Join us and bring your laptop with you


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