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International Year of Sound 2020

Join us in making information about acoustics freely available to everyone to celebrate the International Year of Sound 2020 #IYS2020. Help us improve Wikipedia content related to acoustics, sound, human communication, music, noise its effects and control, and soundscapes. Participants are also encouraged to translate pages from the English Wikipedia into other languages. Contributions done during January and December 2020 will be highlighted in the International Year of Sound report of activities. Even small contributions help and you can start today!
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link 4 minutes
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Step 1: Create a Wikipedia account
Step 2: Sign up to the event
Step 3: Monitor activities and pageviews of your articles


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Promote the project Encourage other people to take part on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the links above. link 2 minutes
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Suggest a topic Suggest a topic in acoustics that should have a Wikipedia article. link 3 minutes
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Improve Wikipedia articles Help improve existing Wikipedia articles (a good place to start before writing a new article). link 15 minutes
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Translate Wikipedia articles Translate Wikipedia articles from one language to another link 20 minutes
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Write new Wikipedia articles Write a Wikipedia article which will be reviewed by experienced contributors before it is published. link 30 minutes

Take part in other languages

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The event is open to people of all languages, please:
  1. Sign up to the event in the Get started section of this page.
  2. Go to the Wikipedia Help Centre and select your language from the left hand side under the Languages section.

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#Wiki4YearOfSound2020 is an initiative that aims to make information related to acoustics, sound, human communication, music, noise its effects and control, and soundscapes freely accessible to all. Subdisciplines include aeroacoustics, audio, signal processing, architectural acoustics, bioacoustics, electro-acoustics, environmental noise, musical acoustics, noise control, hearing and psychoacoustics, physical acoustics, speech, ultrasound, underwater sound and vibration. Information and articles may be posted by individuals not associated with the promoting organizations; any personal opinions contained therein do not represent the official views of the promoting organizations. The promoting organizations do not control, monitor or guarantee the information contained in these articles, provided on this page, or contained in links to external web sites, and do not make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of such information. Mention of any company, product, or service is for informational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by the promoting organizations, or imply that any company or its products or services are preferred over any other.

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