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Project Goal[edit]

The Art+Feminism movement in the Philippines has expanded from one individual organizer to a team. It significantly impacts one's ability to organize, manage several editors, keep track of funds, develop original programs, and provide better results when editing Wikiprojects. We have already started developing a system for conducting edit-a-thons to drive growth based on our experience over the past three years. Also, we were able to incorporate further initiatives that would strengthen the campaign and make up for other topics that needed to be covered by editing, including making lectures and building capacity. This year, Art+Feminism will mark its tenth anniversary. The team, one of the active organizers of this annual campaign, will continue to focus on closing the gender gap in Wiki projects, particularly in Wikipedia, but will also address other Wikiprojects like Wikiquote and Wikimedia Commons. The Philippines will participate in this campaign for the fourth consecutive year.

We will participate in a few of the Art+Feminism UG's online events so that local volunteers can network with those from other countries. The team will examine the earlier grant reports and make plans and decisions to enhance the problems we could not address previously, such as participant constraints, women's underrepresentation, and inaccurate article translations. The campaign's edit-a-thon will be the focal point at this event. There will be other associated events, such as lectures and programs to increase capacity (such as Wikipedia training sessions and a review of the Art+Feminism values). Also, we have included art workshops in our events for the past two years, and the artworks are freely accessible on Wikipedia Commons. We spoke with 12 women from various areas last year and created posters with excerpts from their responses. The same activity, which is a component of our overall mission to highlight the voices of women and other feminists, will also be carried out this year.

The edit-a-thon for this year's campaign will involve:

  • Developing new Philippine-related articles.
  • Enhancing those from past campaigns.
  • Translating 30 articles from the English Wikipedia.

Artworks with a feminist or women's subject will be uploaded to Wikipedia Commons to promote the visibility of women.

How do we do this?[edit]

We emphasize including people from any underrepresented communities in our work, such demographics include sexual orientation and gender identity. Also, college students are the campaign's target audience this year because we are creating a young group that will later receive leadership training. Young adults make up the majority of our current active members, who will be tasked with inviting at least one or two of their peers to join the campaign. Our volunteers' retention is sustained by weekend meetings we undertake twice a month. They attend lectures on Wikiprojects that they can relate to their academics. Individuals who excel at a particular task are invited to help the organization with design, writing blog posts and articles, and poster graphics.

We make sure that we have concrete steps being taken to actively promote fostering a setting that is more welcoming, encouraging, and equal for participants. We always follow the Friendly Space Policy and the Universal Code of Conduct. Each program begins with a brief explanation of this. Also, we disseminate copies of Art+Feminism's Safe, Brave Space Policy. Point people for trust and safety policies are also to be two active volunteers.


Join the Campaign[edit]

For Edit-a-thons:

  1. Sign in if you already have a Wikimedia account. If you don't have an account yet, you may create one. The account may be used to both the target Wiki projects for this project.
  2. Register your name on the list of participants by typing ~~~~.
  3. On the list provided for target Wikiquote women entries, you may choose any for your contributions. Translations from English Wikiquote are accepted or you may start a new entry by scratch. Make sure to follow the quotability rules.
  4. On the edit summary include the #ArtandFeminism and #ArtandFeminismPH. Amplify the campaign by sharing your best entries on social medias.
  5. Be bold and always have fun!


This is the 4th time the Philippines will be running the campaign. If you are curious about the 2020 and 2021 projects, please check here:

  1. Art and Feminism in the Philippines Edit-a-thon 2020
  2. Art + Feminism in the Philippines Campaign 2021
  3. Art and Feminism Campaign in the Philippines 2022 (Edit-a-thons,Exhibit,Interviews)

Resources from Art and Feminism Website

  1. Editing and Organizing Materials
  2. Virtual Event Resources
  3. Remote Learning
  4. Safety