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Annle123, WIki Advocates Member

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Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island[edit]

What is your role as a volunteer in the wiki outreach activity conducted? How did you prepare for it?[edit]

My role as a volunteer in the teachers training that was held in the Bislig Elementary School in the Island of Catanduanes is to help Ma'am Brazal and Sir Anthony to accomplish their goal which is to share the free knowledge and explain how beneficial the kiwix device to those teacher who are experiencing a poor signal in the said Island. As we start the outreach my role was to assist the teacher to use the Wikipedia offline and make it sure that they can follow to the instructions of Sir Anthony in accessing the offline wikiprojects.
Well, before we go to the Catanduanes, Sir Anthony discuss to us what wikiprojects all about, and how it runs. He also teach us how to make an account and use it in different wikiprojects. Therefore, it wasn't that hard to do the task in outreach program because Sir and Ma'am Brazal teach us what we needed to learn before we go to Catanduanes.

What are your learnings during the whole activity?[edit]

The activities in Catanduanes Island helps me to mold who I am right now, I know it sounds exaggerated but that's the fact. It change my perspective about myself, indeed, I gained a lot of learnings in the said activities. The learnings I will never forget during the activities is that I will never let my emotions decides because it will end up in ruining everything and I may lose those important people in my life. I also learn that not everyone would like and understand me and it is very important to adjust sometimes to built an amicable companionship. And lastly, I learned that, to be able not feel tired on the activities we must enjoy the moment, be more positive and build a healthy relationship to other people.

Give us a few highlights of your best experience in the activity.[edit]

I have a lots of best experience during the whole activities but I guess, the most unforgettable experience I had while we're in the Catanduanes is when the assigned teacher let me explained and allow me to guide her without belittling what I can do and what am I are one of the most memorable I did in my whole existence. And also when we do the open forum, though it has a lot of negative comments from everyone but still, I will never forget the experience I had that night because it helps me to know who am really I and how extend my capacity in emotion and my understanding.

Cite some difficulties you've encountered during the outreach activity and tell us what would you do differently next time.[edit]

The difficulties I have encountered during the outreach activity is managing my attitude. It's just hard for me to be friendly and I really try my best to not give them an negative attitude but they keep on doing stupid stuff. And also, some of the volunteers are not having a wide understanding that's why they are easily get offended and feel hurt. Therefore, as a matured enough I will just widened my understanding and adjust to makes our organization at peace. And it was become difficult to us to understand each other because it was our first time to live in a one house. But I guess, if we are having an outreach again it will be more easier for us to communicate and have peaceful environment because we got a chance to know each other without plasticity and we already settled it after leaving the Island.

As a volunteer, what impact did the activity have on you? Are you willing to be part of similar activities in the future?[edit]

As a volunteer, doing those kind of activities are indeed helps me to develop the 'what and who I am'. I gained a lot of learning that helps me to grow and understand the world better. Why not? It is also benefited me by learning how to help the other people who are struggling in accessing the free knowledge. I feel like I am one of those people who tries to prevent the ignorance that might cause chaos in the future and change the world for the better. Hence, it's my pleasure to be part of the activities again in the near future.


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