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Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island[edit]

Sheanjean, Wiki Advocates PH Member

What is your role as a volunteer in the wiki outreach activity conducted? How did you prepare for it?[edit]

In our recent wiki outreach activity, my role as a volunteer was to assist the teachers if they were struggling in the training. So, for me to be able to assist I also did a preparation. Which is being aware of the content and flow of the seminar. And of course, I ready myself too.

What are your learnings during the whole activity?[edit]

When it comes to learning, I had a lot of reflections that I considered as learning. One of them is how to deal with different kinds of people. As a part of an organization, it is necessary to understand and properly deal with different personalities so we can avoid a misunderstanding inside the group. Also, I learned that I need to control my emotion so I can act accordingly to the situation.

Give us a few highlights of your best experience in the activity.[edit]

For me, the best experienced I had was when I assisted one of the seminar teachers. Because I think I did a great job, I don’t want to be boastful but the teacher I assist is struggling with his laptop and I can feel his dismay. So I offer the cellphone I’m using and I borrow his laptop to fix the problem. When I fixed it and connected it to the Kiwix I saw how happy the teacher is. When I saw the smile of that teacher, I felt so happy. Maybe, it’s a small thing but it matters a lot to me.

Cite some difficulties you've encountered during the outreach activity and tell us what would you do differently next time.[edit]

Honestly, the difficulty I encountered was all concerned with the members of the organization. Maybe because of our different personalities it resulted in misunderstanding. So I came up with the idea that we must know each other, understand differences and learn to adjust. Because, as an organization, we must have the spirit of solidarity to attain the mission of the group.

As a volunteer, what impact did the activity have on you? Are you willing to be part of similar activities in the future?[edit]

The Wiki Outreach Activity was the first event where I travel and stay 4 days in a different place with different people. I’m amazed by the experienced and learning. I know that 4 days is just a short period but it develops something inside of me. It taught me not to be too emotional and don’t isolate myself because I’m afraid to be hurt. Another thing I learned, we can treat people with kindness but don’t tolerate their toxicity. Because If we tolerate their toxic sides we’re just pushing them into a state where they won’t grow. I have a lot of reflection on our activity and it is all worthy to keep and carry. Anyway, I’m a knowledge seeker and always fond of experiences so I would love to be part of another journey.