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Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island[edit]

Yampikit, Wiki Advocates PH Member

Narrative Report[edit]

What is your role as a volunteer in the wiki outreach activity conducted? How did you prepare for it?[edit]

My role as a volunteer in the wiki outreach activity is to teach or assist the teachers at Bislig Elementary School to use the kiwix device through this they can access the abundance of free knowledge without using of internet or they can access it through offline. Ma'am Imelda and Sir Anthony conducted a training to the wiki advocates Philippines volunteer for us to be ready for the outreach activity to be held in Catanduanes so I prepare myself through reviewing my noted that I wrote during the training.

What are your learnings during the whole activity?[edit]

All I can say is that we have to be thankful because we are in a place where there is internet because we can know about our world and we can talk to our family and loved ones who are far away at any time.

Give us a few highlights of your best experience in the activity.[edit]

This experience was truly unforgettable and memorable than I imagine it to be, and the best experience I had is the time I was helping one of the Bislig elementary school teachers how to use and access the kiwix device and It feels good to help even if it's simple.

Cite some difficulties you've encountered during the outreach activity and tell us what would you do differently next time.[edit]

During the activity the difficulties I experienced was when a teacher asked me what code to use for input and I didn't know what to say because of nervousness but my fellow volunteer was there and helped me about it, so next time I will prepare and don't be nervous.

As a volunteer, what impact did the activity have on you? Are you willing to be part of similar activities in the future?[edit]

Through this outreach activity it give me opportunities help and also to get along with other communities also to connect with other people. During my volunteer experience I've met many different individuals and through volunteering I still found myself learning a new skill which has helped me into the person i am now. Yes , I am still part of the other activities because it provides me the opportunity to help .