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SheSaid Philippines

The SheSaidPH2021 is an initiative of Filipino volunteers aimed in improving the visibility of women by creating new quote entries or improving existing quotations associated with them. This is in participation for the international SheSaid drive of Wiki Loves Women.

SheSaid is part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative

Project Goal of the SheSaidPH2021[edit]

The gender gap is still visible in some wiki projects, the reason why we have the WikiGap Campaign, A+F campaign, VisibleWikiWomen, and SheSaid. This is a good start for a growing Wikiproject especially that it is in its initial stage. The earlier we supplement it with contents choosing women and feminism as subjects, the less we will rush to work with it in the future. As a support to bridge the gap in gender representation, this project will focus on:

  1. Increasing and/or improving content on notable Filipino women on different Wikiquote platforms;
  2. Promoting the Philippine language Wikiquote platforms under incubation (Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan) using fair gender representation;
  3. Recruitment of new editors and improving skills of existing editors through a series of edit-a-thons;
  4. Foster an open culture through meet-ups and include more women in the community of volunteers.

How do we do this?[edit]

This project aims to conduct a series of edit-a-thons both online and offline. Focus will be on improving contents about Filipino women on Wikiquote, Wikisambit and Wikikawikaan. The team will inform the community through the different community portals of the different Philippine language-based wiki projects. This project will also be advertise to the different social media channels of Wikimedia volunteers from the Philippines. Community portals of the following wikiprojects:

Wikimedia Incubator
Central Bikol Wiktionary
Tagalog Wikipedia

The team will create a discussion page within the Philippine-language Wikiquote to foster active interactions within the wiki projects. Participants will be group in a secured social media chat room for easy communication. Continuous meet-up with the editors and informal technical support will be provided after this project.


No. Particulars Target
1 Number of events 3 online training and 3 offline meet-up (5-7 participants per session)
2 Number of participants 20 participants
3 Number of new editors 10 new editors, 10 repeat participants
4 Number of of articles created or improved 50 quotes of notable Filipino women added or 100 women quotes improved, 200 quotes translated to Central Bikol, 200 quotes translated to Tagalog.

Landing Page for Central Bikol and Tagalog Wikiquote[edit]

Join the Campaign[edit]

  1. Sign in if you already have a Wikimedia account. If you don't have an account yet, you may create one. The account may be used to both the target Wikiquote for this project.
  2. Register your name on the list of participants by typing ~~~~.
  3. On the list provided for target Wikiquote women entries, you may choose any for your contributions. Translations from English Wikiquote are accepted or you may start a new entry by scratch. Make sure to follow the quotability rules.
  4. On the edit summary include the #SheSaid and #SheSaidPH2021. Amplify the campaign by sharing your best entries on social medias.
  5. Be bold and always have fun!