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Generic postcard for WikiAfrica Hour
Generic postcard for WikiAfrica Hour

WikiAfrica Hour is a monthly live discussion that support the activities of the WikiAfrica movement and Wikimedians across Africa.

WikiAfrica Hour 's intention is to:

  • Share current updates, and highlights of Africa Wikimedians activities
  • Interact with guest(s) (if any), and take questions from community members
  • Promote synergy within the Wiki community by discussing topics, projects, constraints, collaborations, and opportunities.

WikiAfrica Hour 由 Wiki In Africa 启动,以支持 [[User:Anthere|WikiAfrica]] 运动中的维基媒体用户组。它是由以下机构发起和推动的:

You can find upcoming and past episodes in the Episodes section. The Newsroom is for you to update activities about current activities of your user group, volunteer group or projects. You can visit the Team section should you need to contact any member of the WikiAfrica Hour team.

Do you want to start a live Wikimedia broadcast and don't know how to get started? We started in 2021 with Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado) and the Wikipedia Weekly graciously provided technical support for the WikiAfrica Hour by supporting us with their StreamYard platform. We are very grateful that we were given that opportunity! We now pay for our own StreamYard subscription and are any User Groups/Communities that might need it, the use of our StreamYard platform.