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Presentation no / عرض رقم . ED01


Wikipedia Education Program presentation slides
Presentation for WikiArabia 2015 in Monastir, Tunisia

The idea behind the Wikipedia Education Program is simple: educators and students around the world contribute to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in an academic setting.

In the Arab world, students from Egypt, Algeria and Jordan have formally participated in the program, and students in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia have also contributed to Wikipedia as part of their own initiatives. This presentation will give an updated summary of the accomplishments of the program so far with regards to the Arabic Wikipedia, and set the stage for presentations from other community members and program leaders to showcase particular accomplishments, challenges, and learnings.

How can the education team support the work you do with your local communities, with students and teachers? We're here to help! Feel free to leave comments on this discussion page, or send them directly to me.


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