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WikiArabiaMeetup- 1st MINUTES[edit]

WikiArabia Meetup at Wikimania 2014 in London

The minutes ;external link

Meeting date | time 9/8/2014 7:00 PM | Meeting location Frobisher Boardroom, (4th floor) Barbican Center – As Part of Wikimania 2014

Meeting called by

Osama Khalid Type of meeting

Establishment of Arabian group project


Yamen Bousrih

Note taker

Fatima Al Harbi


Fatima Al Harbi


Middle East:

  1. Abbad Diranyya
  2. Abdelmoemin Hossam
  3. Abdullah Ahmad
  4. Bachounda Mohammed
  5. Emna Mizouni
  6. Fatima Al Harbi
  7. Habib M'henni
  8. Mervat Salman
  9. Nada Al Benni
  10. Osama Khalid
  11. Raya Sharbian
  12. Reem Al-Kashif
  13. Saleh Almhamdi
  14. Samir Sharbaty
  15. Walaa Abdelmanaem
  16. Yamen Bousrih
  17. Yassine Tounsi
  18. UK:Fabian Tompsett
  19. USA:TigheFlanagan


Time allotted | 30 min | Agenda topic Themes Establishment | Presenter Yamen

Yamen kicked off the first meeting announcing that there are two user groups established (or in final process), one is Tunisia and one in Egypt. He explained how the Tunisian theme is proceeding successfully and planning to arrange for the North Africa Chapter. The Egyptian group was experiencing some latency but soon things will be finalized as explained by Samir and Walaa. Then Nada asked about the regulations that govern any chapter or theme establishment; therefore, Osama, Yamen, Habib, Abdelmoemin took turns to clarify it.


The WikiArabia, is waiting for the final results of both themes to learn about the process of establishing more themes in other countries. All the attendees offered their resources in case needed by both themes.

Action items 1[edit]

Person responsible

Deadline : 12/31/2014 12:00 AM

Waiting for the reports Tunisia Theme 12/31/2014 12:00 AM

Waiting for the reports Egypt Theme

Time allotted | 40 min | Agenda topic WikiArabia Establishment | Presenter Osama

Osama started by suggesting that regional themes in each country need to be under one big umbrella that presents the big picture of the Middle East and Arabic speakers. This requires collaborative effort to support the regional Arabic themes and the groups that do not have their local theme such as those in KSA, Algeria …etc. Fabian showed the attendees related and helpful Wikipedia pages. In addition, he added that an open dialog is needed to facilitate our work together; therefore, we need to have an initiative to start an avenue through which we exchange notes. Nada was concerned if regional themes or activities are (by any chance) affected by the local governments and political issues e.g. Syria’s political situation. Abbad commented that they are independent. Bachounda presented his effort inside Algeria (with the support from several agencies) and soon he would produce his project about Algeria’s language and heritage.

At the end, all agreed to write up steps to be considered for gradually officialising theWikiArabia establishment.

Action items 2[edit]

Reading then discussing the Wikipedia required regulations Writing a plan to officialise WikiArabia

Person responsible Arabic Wikipedians 12/31/2014 12:00 AM

Deadline 12/31/2014 12:00 AM

Time allotted | 20 min | Agenda topic First WikiArabia Conference | Presenter Yamen

Some members suggested that the first WikiArabia Conference should take place in Tunisia since it had official, well-established structure for its theme. Samir was asking if there would be some sort of voting system to officialise that and figure out the best time as well.

Attendees agreed to conduct a poll to consider time and place for 1stWikiArabia Meeting.  
Enough time should be considered for the host since they will need a lot of support on the ground financially and physically

Action items[edit]

Person responsible


Waiting for suggestions

Arabic Wikipedians

9/30/2014 12:00 AM

Time allotted | 10 min | Agenda topic Wikipedia Arabic Pages | Presenter Habib

Discussion: It was mentioned by Habib that there are too many Arabic Wikipedia pages that lack the correct Arabic translation, references, or topics with no material at all. Abbad presented some examples. Everyone agreed, that we need data that are either physical or digital first to encourage the creation. Therefore, Samir suggested that WikiArabia would perform competitions to fix the poor pages/data and enrich them.

Conclusion: The attendee agreed to find a mechanism for taking action

Action items[edit]

Person responsible


To be considered for suggestions and initiatives

Arabic Wikipedians

1/31/2015 12:00 AM

Time allotted | 15 min | Agenda topic Wikipedia Loves Monuments | Abdelmoemin

Discussion: Abdelmoemin discussed the project of “Wikipedia Loves Monuments” and how can WikiArabia contribute to it. Since the Arabic world is rich with monuments and historical places, he suggested that we can start “Wikipedia Loves Mosques” and “Wikipedia Loves Food”, and then Mervat added “Wikipedia Loves Costumes” as we can present our local traditions and fabulous historical clothes. Abbad added that there are some pages and pictures that already exist on Wikipedia which we can use to enrich our resources. Samir suggested that we could have regional competitions and the awards would be handed in a dedicated official event. Prizes could be for, highest contribution rate, best contribution, weirdest contribution …etc. He added that the judges should be notable photographers, regional and international ones if possible.

Conclusion: Suggestions will be considered in each region and formatted accordingly following the example of “Wikipedia Loves Monuments” and its Arabic counterpart “ويكيبيديا تهوى المعالم”. Following are some mentioned suggestions:

Action items[edit]

Person responsible


“ويكيبيديا تهوى المعالم”

Abdelmoemin, Abbad, Yassin, Fatima, Raya, Amna, Bachounda

12/31/2015 12:00 AM

“ويكيبيديا تهوى المساجد”

Abdelmoemin, Abbad, Yassin, Fatima, Raya, Amna, Bachounda

12/31/2015 12:00 AM

“Wikipedia Loves Food”

Abdelmoemin, Abbad, Yassin, Fatima, Raya, Amna, Bachounda

12/31/2015 12:00 AM

“Wikipedia Loves Costumes”

Abdelmoemin, Abbad, Yassin, Fatima, Raya, Amna, Bachounda

12/31/2015 12:00 AM

General Observers: Abbad, Bachounda, Osama, Samir, Yamin

Resource persons: (We need Volunteers)

Special notes: The deadlines and names of observers are flexible and any suggestions are welcomed.