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Wikimedia Foundation
Name Photo Affiliation / Presentation Resume Coming from
01 Lila Tretikov Lila Tretikov 16 April 2014 (4).jpg Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Icons-flag-us.png USA
02 Tighe Flanagan Flanagan, Tighe July 2014.jpg Wikimedia Foundation / Education Program Arab World Education Program Manager Icons-flag-us.png USA
03 Siko Bouterse Siko Bouterse-8.jpg Wikimedia Foundation Director of Community Resources Icons-flag-us.png USA
04 Samir Elsharbaty Selsharbaty (WMF).jpg Wikimedia Foundation Communications Intern, Wikipedia Education Program Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt
05 Katherine Maher Maher, Katherine April 2014.jpg Wikimedia Foundation Chief Communications Officer Icons-flag-us.png USA
Name Photo Affiliation/Presentation Resume Coming from / Nat.
01 Andy Mabbett Andy Mabbett.jpg Wikimedia UK / GLAM-Wiki Pigsonthewing -- Contribs Icons-flag-uk.png UK
02 Mark Graham Mark Graham at Cairo Egypt Wikipedia WorkShop Cropped.png Oxford Internet Institute / Barriers to MENA Markgraham -- Contribs Icons-flag-uk.png UK
03 Mourad Ben Abdallah Portrait Mourad Ben Abdallah.jpg Wikimedia TN User Group / Wikiprojects in Maghreb Moumou82 -- Contribs Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland / Icons-flag-tn.png Tunisia
04 Helmy Hamdi Wkipedia Workshop in Amman.JPG Wikimedia TN User Group / Tools to manage Helmoony -- Contribs Icons-flag-ca.png Canada / Icons-flag-tn.png Tunisia
05 Abbas Salamat Elph in Dead Sea (cropped).jpg ar.wikipedia / Behaviors of users in Elph -- Contribs Icons-flag-ir.png Iran
06 Mohamed Ouda Wiki Indaba Conference 2014, Day 3 16.jpg Egyptian Wikimedia User Group / Motivation Mohamed Ouda -- Contribs Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt
07 Reda Kerbouche Reda Kerbouche, photographic expedition to Tmgad for the WLM 2014.JPG Wikimedia Algeria User Group / Competition of wikipedia Vikoula5 -- Contribs Icons-flag-ru.png Russia / Icons-flag-dz.png Algeria
08 Reem Al-Kashef Wikimania 2014, London, DSC 5773.jpg Egyptian Wikimedia User Group / Facts and Success Stories Reem Al-Kashif -- Contribs Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt
09 Ravan Jaafar Ravan Jaafar Altaie.jpg ar.wikipedia / Gender gap Ravan -- Contribs Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq
10 Mohamud Rawi Qutb Minar by Mahmood DSC03423 43.JPG ar.wikipedia / Translation issues Mahmoudalrawi -- Contribs Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq
11 Mohammad Hajeer Hack1015 (cropped).jpg ar.wikipedia / Translation issues Mohammad hajeer -- Contribs Icons-flag-jo.png Jordan
12 Ziyad Alsufyani Ziyad Alsufyani (cropped2).jpg ar.wikipedia / Wikipedia in Gulf Ziad -- Contribs Icons-flag-sa.png Saudi Arabia
13 Faiza Medjahed WikiArabia 0 (37).jpg Wikimedia Algeria User Group / Wikipedia for kidz Flouer -- Contribs Icons-flag-dz.png Algeria
14 Mohammed Bachounda Bachounda at Wikimania Barbican Centre 20140806 134526 (cropped).jpg Wikimedia Algeria User Group / Wikipedia projects Bachounda -- Contribs Icons-flag-dz.png Algeria
15 Abbad Diraneyya Wkipedia Workshop in Amman.JPG ar.wikipedia / State of the Wiki عباد ديرانية -- Contribs Icons-flag-jo.png Jordan
16 Zakaria Oudrhiri Wkipedia Workshop in Amman.JPG ar.wikipedia / Developing Arabic Wikipedia and Sister Projects زكريا -- Contribs Icons-flag-ma.png Morocco
17 Walaa AbdelManaem Wikimania 2014, London, DSC 6076.jpg Egyptian Wikimedia User Group / Wikipedia education program/Egypt لا روسا -- Contribs Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt
18 Mervat Salman Wkipedia Workshop in Amman.JPG ar.wikipedia / Translation issues, Policies, Role of Wiki Contests Mervat Salman -- Contribs Icons-flag-jo.png Jordan
19 Nada Al Bunni Wikimania 2014, London, DSC 6076.jpg ar.wikipedia / Wiki culture Dew -- Contribs Icons-flag-uk.png UK / Icons-flag-sy.png Syria
20 Bessem Fleifel Wiki Arabia 2015 - Day 1 DSC 9802 (cropped).jpg ar.wikipedia / speech باسم -- Contribs Icons-flag-lb.png Lebanon
21 Osama Khaled Osama Khaled at Wikimania 2014 Hackathon Day 2 (14920959552) (cropped).jpg ar.wikipedia / Wikipedia and Social medias, OsamaK -- Contribs Icons-flag-sa.png Saudy Arabia
22 Fatima Al Harbi Wikimania 2014, DSC 6013.jpg Centre for global intelligent content / Local dialects Alharbif -- Contribs Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland / Icons-flag-ae.png UAE
23 Bilal Al Dweik Bilal Dweik.JPG ar.wikipedia / How do we increase the confidence of the Arab reader to Wikipedia بلال الدويك -- Contribs Icons-flag-jo.png Jordan
24 Farah Mustaklim Wkipedia Workshop in Amman.JPG ar.wikipedia / Reconciling the Principle of NPOV with Personal Beliefs and Convictions Fjmustak -- Contribs Icons-flag-ps.png Palestine
Scholarship owners attendees
01 Abdullah Ahmad Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia الدبوني -- Contribs Icons-flag-uk.png UK
02 Wafaa Shohdy Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia wafaashohdy -- Contribs Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands / Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt
03 Mohammed Mokhtari Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia محمد مختاري -- Contribs Icons-flag-fr.png France / Icons-flag-ma.png Morocco
04 Ismael Zniber Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia Ismael_zniber -- Contribs Icons-flag-ma.png Morocco
01 Anass Sedrati Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia Anass Sedrati -- Contribs Icons-flag-ma.png Morocco
02 Abdel Aziz Hamadi Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia Alabhawe -- Contribs Icons-flag-sa.png Saudi Arabia
03 Omar Amer Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia Icons-flag-sa.png Saudi Arabia
04 Mohamed Sin foto.svg ar.wikipedia Icons-flag-sa.png Saudi Arabia
05 Houcemeddine Turki Sin foto.svg fr.wikipedia Csisc -- Contributions Icons-flag-tn.png Tunisia