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Submission no. مداخلة رقم
Title of the submission عنوان المداخلة

Research and Arabic Wikipedia: Finding innovative ways to support editors

Author(s) of the submission صاحب المداخلة

Lucie-Aimée Kaffee and Hady Elsahar

Username اسم المستخدم

User:Frimelle and User:Hadyelsahar

E-mail address البريد الإلكتروني

kaffee(_AT_) hadyelsahar(_AT_)

Country of origin بلد الأصلي

Germany and Egypt

Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc. .الانتماء، إن كان (مجموعة، مؤسسة الخ

University of Southampton and Université de Lyon

Type of session نوع الجلسة


Language of session لغة الجلسة

Arabic, English (we can take questions in French and German, too)

Length of session مدة الجلسة

30 min

Theme of presentation موضوع الجلسة

Research and Arabic Wikipedia: Finding innovative ways to support editors

Abstract ملخص

At the current stage, there is a limited amount of research around Arabic Wikipedia that aims at supporting the community. We want to change that and explore with you tools to support Arabic Wikipedia editors. To do that, we want to discuss the needs of the community and the tools that are already helpful.

We work on a content editor tool for underserved language Wikipedias, such as Arabic Wikipedia. This tool will allow editors to have a base to start from when translation is not possible. Our tool will use techniques from Information retrieval and Natural Language Processing research such as reference collection, document planning techniques and extractive summarization. We are looking to discuss this and similar approaches to find the potential in such editor-supporting tools.

Therefore, we propose a roundtable with any community member, who is interested in research or making researchers understand the needs of the community. We will prepare questions for editors, such as what is lacking at the moment that would support them and encourage new editors to contribute. We focus especially on technical tools. Further, we want to know from you what you believe is missing to make the editing experience better.

The discussion will be held in English and Arabic (with translations), we are able to take questions in French and German, too.

What will attendees take away from this session? ماذا سيستفيد الحضور من هذه الجلسة؟
  1. State of research in supporting the Wikipedia community
  2. State of research in Arabic
  3. How to support the Arabic Wikipedia community in the future

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