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This page facilitates a 2023 reappraisal of the 2018 roadmap and the developments since.

There is consensus that this work includes at least three parts:

a bibliographic commons, comprising a Wikibase of bibliographic metadata,
a database of citation events, a structured database of references that appear on Wikipedia articles, with an understanding that not all of them cleanly map to specific sources
a clarification of Wikidata scope, addressing what sorts of citation metadata about what references belong in Wikidata (under a range of WikiCite implementations)

Database of citation events[edit]

Internet Archive Reference Explorer, which uses a data service developed by the Internet Archive

  • We could generate dumps of Wikipedia based on this code

Bibliographic commons[edit]

This could be federated (Proposals for federation), centralized, or polycentric. Approaches should address how to integrate existing specialized common sources, such as IA / OL / OpenAlex.

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