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Creating your WikiCite e-scholarship application

This is an application form for a WikiCite grant for projects relating to the mission of WikiCite – to develop open citations and linked bibliographic data to serve free knowledge.
Application Deadline is 1 October 2020; request must be between USD$2,000 and USD$10,000.

Read the grant eligibility criteria. Please contact lwyatt-ctr(_AT_) if you have any questions. See also the Wikicite e-scholarship program.
The questions you are asked in the form below are:

Project summary

Project Name
Start/End dates

The project must be concluded by May 2021

Amount requested (and the currency you wish to receive it in)
Amount requested (in US$ equivalent)

Between $2,000 and $10,000 USD

The people

Contact person name/Wikimedia username
Contact person e-mail address

Use the email format: address(_AT_)
Alternatively, confirm that you have "Allow other users to email me" enabled in your account preferences

Organisation (optional)

If this grant is for an organisation (for example a Wikimedia Affiliate), name it here

Project participants

Who is working on this project. For each member of the team, please describe any project-related skills, experience, or other background you have that might help contribute to making this idea a success.

The project


Describe the project or event.


Why is this project needed? What will it solve or improve?


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing? What will you have done at the end of your project?

Measures of success

What are criteria you will define success for your project, and how do you intend to measure for them? What are your targets for these measurements?


Who is your target audience for this project, and how will you ? How will you engage the community you’re aiming to serve at various points during your project?

The Budget

How you will use the funds you are requesting? List bullet points for each expense.
You can create a table or link to a separate (public) document if needed.

COVID risk assessment

Leave this section blank if you are not requesting a grant for an in-person event.

If the project is for an in-person event, you must complete the risk assessment tool and checklist, and provide a link to copies of these documents here. Events must not include any international travel, and must follow all applicable local health guidelines.


Community notification

You are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal, so that they can help you! Depending on your project, notification may be most appropriate on a Village Pump, talk page, mailing list, etc.
Please provide links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.


Optional: Community members are encouraged to endorse your proposal and leave a rationale.

When you are finished

  1. change the word 'draft' to 'open' in the final section, with the code: {{:WikiCite/grant draft}}
  2. press Publish page
  3. email lwyatt-ctr(_AT_) with a link to your published page.