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WikiClassroom developed by African & Proud (AP) aims to promote Wikipedia and its sister's project as a reliable source of information for academic research in African High school institutions.

Mission statement[edit]

WikiClassroom is a promotional movement where both students and teachers are sufficiently informed and enlightened on Wikipedia and its sister's project and its potential as a reliable learning resource.


WikiClassroom by African & Proud + Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

The inaugural effort of the WikiClassroom Project, launched in September 2022, targets infiltrating the education sector in countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal and Africa more broadly with the goal to:

  • Promoting Wikipedia as a reliable source of information for academic research to African students in high schools
  • Generate awareness and interest among the general public on Wikipedia as a source of valuable and reliable information when carrying out academic research
  • Recruit new members creating a more diverse contribution and usage of Wikimedia projects by High school students and teachers.
  • Promoting the free knowledge movement and access to free learning resources


Phase One[edit]

Done September - October 2022 The first phase of the project was implemented in Nigeria.
With a large number of schools in Nigeria, the first phase of this project will concentrate on High schools located in Ikeja LGA, Lagos-Nigeria. The participants will be taught how to use Wikipedia as a research tool when doing their research on a variety of topics as Wikimedia projects have millions of verified and reliable articles.


Who should join?[edit]

  • Educational Institutions: Educational Institutions with commitment and interest toward promoting free knowledge.
  • Organizers: Missioned aligned communities, groups and organizations who are interested in the implementation of WikiClassroom.
  • Free Knowledge enthusiasts; both new and those already contributing to Wikipedia

There are still a lot of gaps to cover, which would be addressed in the phase two project implementation.
We are also looking forward to the growth of WikiClassroom and implementation of the project in other African countries in collaboration with other Country communities.

Connect with us[edit]