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Date and Time
August 8, 2015, 9:00 pm

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at ##wikiconferenceindiaconnect

Introduction and Basic Understanding of WCI 2016


  • Ravidreams
  • Sailesh
  • Satdeep
  • ta_Dineshkumar_P
  • cherishsantosh
  • techfiz
  • Niharika
  • Bodhisattwa
  • Subhadip
  • AbhiShake
  • Pmlineditor
  • iSukanta
  • Rangan
  • manav
  • amdeskiers
  • Mouryan
  • AbhiSuryawanshi
  • Yohannvt
  • Pratyya
  • Odisha1

IRC session log.

[21:02] <Ravidreams_> Hi
[21:02] <Sailesh> Hello , Abhi bhai :)
[21:02] <Bodhisattwa> Hi Ravi, we were waiting for u
[21:03] <Sailesh> Hello , Ravi How's you?
[21:03] <Ravidreams_> Glad  to see you all here
[21:03] <Satdeep_> cool
[21:03] <Ravidreams_> Ya, we had a day long tawiki event in Chennai today
[21:03] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Shall we wait for few more minutes, so that others can also join ?
[21:03] <Sailesh> And How was Tamil Virtual Academy conference?
[21:03] <Ravidreams_> So, Dinesh and I just excused us from there and joined this
[21:03] <Ravidreams_> Ya, it was very productive
[21:03] <Ravidreams_> yes, let's wait
[21:03] <cherishsantosh> k
[21:03] <Sailesh> In between we can have other discussion
[21:04] <techfiz> Hi all, Omshivaprakash here from kn:wiki
[21:04] <cherishsantosh> lets start with introduction
[21:04] * Niharika waves
[21:04] <Sailesh> Hey , On bhai :)
[21:04] <Bodhisattwa> Hi Niharika
[21:04] <Sailesh> Om*
[21:05] <Niharika> Hi Bodhisattwa!
[21:05] <Bodhisattwa> Hi Om
[21:05] <Sailesh> Can we have formal introduction :'D
[21:05] * techfiz waves at all including Sailesh: Bodhisattwa Ravidreams_ satdeep
[21:05] <Subhadip> Any from Bangla / Kolkata Wiki ?
[21:05] <Bodhisattwa> Me
[21:05] <iSukanta> me too
[21:06] <Bodhisattwa> from Bangla wiki
[21:06] <cherishsantosh> hahahah
[21:06] <techfiz> lol
[21:06] <Sailesh_> We're from Indian Wiki ;)
[21:06] <Pmlineditor> I'm from Kolkata, though not bangla wp
[21:06] <Subhadip> Good to see you guys.... coz i am the newbie here.... :0
[21:07] <Subhadip> So should we start or are we waiting for some more to join?
[21:07] <Sailesh_> Hey Pmlineditor do you have any other nick name :D , It's hard to write :P
[21:07] <AbhiShake> Hi SubhaDip!
[21:07] <Satdeep_> For those who don't know me ... I am from Punjab and i mainly edit Punjabi Wikipedia..
[21:07] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Lets give 3 more min
[21:07] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> will start at 21:10
[21:07] <Bodhisattwa> Sailesh, His name is Prachatos,
[21:07] <Bodhisattwa> ok
[21:08] <Niharika> For those who don't know, you can type the starting few characters of a name and press Tab. It auto-expands. :)
[21:08] <Pmlineditor> Hi Bodhisattwa da :)
[21:08] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Niharika: wow, thanks
[21:08] <Niharika> You're welcome!
[21:08] <Satdeep_> Thanks Niharika
[21:08] <Sailesh_> Oh thanks :) Niharika
[21:09] <Bodhisattwa> Hi Prachatosh, where are others from Kolkata?
[21:09] <Sailesh_> So , I am an Odia Wikimedia and I also contribute for Hindi and English Wikipedia
[21:09] <Ravidreams_> Hi, I everyone
[21:10] <Ravidreams_> I am Ravi :)
[21:10] <Sailesh_> Ravi are you keeping the logs?
[21:10] <Bodhisattwa> :-)
[21:10] <Niharika> Hi Ravidreams_ !
[21:10] <Ravidreams_> Yes, we will log all IRC sessions that were planned and announced
[21:11] <Ravidreams_> I will do it at the end of the chat
[21:11] <Ravidreams_> Hi Niharika
[21:11] <iSukanta> That's great
[21:11] <Satdeep_> Hi Ravi :)
[21:11] <Ravidreams_> So, I am participating here as a long time contributor to Tamil wiki projects
[21:11] <Ravidreams_> That is my most repeated disclaimer these days :)
[21:12] <Ravidreams_> So, let's get started
[21:12] <Ravidreams_> Thank you Bodhi for asking me to facilitate this
[21:12] <iSukanta> Hi Rangan da
[21:12] <Ravidreams_> For each session, let us request a relevant person to facilitate
[21:13] <Ravidreams_> So, as we shared in meta, WikiConference 2016 is an outcome of the Wikimedia SAARC meetup we had in Wikimania 2015
[21:13] <Ravidreams_> We have a dream to bid for Wikimania 2019
[21:13] <Ravidreams_> and felt that starting with a Wikiconference India will be the right way to warm up our community
[21:13] <Ravidreams_> we wanted to do it in 2016 and besides that we haven't decided anythingn
[21:13] <Sailesh> Great
[21:14] <Ravidreams_> and want this to be a community driven, transparent effort from the start
[21:14] <Ravidreams_> and that's why we are here :)
[21:15] <Ravidreams_> If you see
[21:15] <Ravidreams_> we have 60+  signed with Wikimedia usernames
[21:15] <Ravidreams_> and we have more signups through Google forms
[21:15] <Ravidreams_> Thanks for the amazing response
[21:15] <Ravidreams_> We have t ried to answer FAQ at
[21:15] <Ravidreams_>
[21:16] <Ravidreams_> Please shoot if you have any other specific question
[21:16] <Bodhisattwa> ok, Ravi, there is also a feeling in the community that it is a Wikimedia India event, is it so?
[21:16] <Ravidreams_> or else we will move towards next step of planning
[21:16] <Ravidreams_> Bodhi, that is already clarified in the FAQ :)
[21:16] <Bodhisattwa> ok
[21:16] <Ravidreams_> and that's why I started with a disclaimer :)
[21:17] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Hello Everyone, My Name is Dineshkumar Ponnusamy. I primarily contribute to Tamil WikiSource, Tamil Wikipedia and Outreach Wiki.
[21:17] <AbhiShake> Could you please clarify Ravi for all of us?
[21:17] <Ravidreams_> Wikimedia India will support this event of course as much it can like it is supporting any other community initiative. But, community will drive planning and execution
[21:17] <Ravidreams_> We also look forward to tie up with all organizations that can partner with the community
[21:17] <Bodhisattwa> Great
[21:18] <cherishsantosh> k
[21:18] <Ravidreams_> Personally, I recognize that community is the primary and prominent stakeholder of our movement which should be autonmous
[21:18] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Shall we have a quick self-introduction?
[21:19] <Ravidreams_> I hope this conference asserts that and strengthens our community
[21:19] <manav> (Y)
[21:19] <Satdeep_> Everyone welcome punjabi wikipedian Manav .... This is her first IRC
[21:19] <Bodhisattwa> Welcome Manav
[21:19] <manav> thnkeww
[21:19] <AbhiShake> Hi Manav!
[21:19] <amdeskiers> hello everyone :)
[21:19] <sailesh> My internet is not supporting me :(
[21:19] <manav> Hello everyone
[21:19] <cherishsantosh> Hello manav
[21:20] <manav> m sorry fr being late
[21:20] <Bodhisattwa> Ok, a quick intro
[21:20] <amdeskiers> "We also look forward to tie up with all organizations that can partner with the community"
[21:20] <cherishsantosh> sailesh: try with android app
[21:21] <Ravidreams_> for example, FOSS organizations
[21:21] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> amdeskiers: will complete the self intro first
[21:21] <Ravidreams_> Other free knowledge organizations etc.,
[21:21] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> manav: welcome !
[21:21] <manav> Hi... m Dr. Manav...m a Ph.D. in forensic science and I contribute articles in Punjabi Wikipedia
[21:21] <Satdeep_> So Ravi was telling us about our dream to organize Wikimania 2019 in India and how WikiConference India 2016 is going to help us in assessing our strengths and weaknesses :)
[21:21] <amdeskiers> ok thanks for clarification.. Ravidreams_ :)
[21:21] <cherishsantosh> AndroIRC and Andchat
[21:21] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> (y)
[21:21] <Bodhisattwa> I am Bodhisattwa from Bengali Wiki.
[21:21] <Ravidreams_> For example, Mozilla India can be a partner
[21:21] <sailesh> IHey amdeskiers :) can you please introduce yourself
[21:22] <Ravidreams_> That is the only way we can pull off a major event and prepare for Wikimania
[21:22] <sailesh> cherishsantosh: App name
[21:22] <cherishsantosh> Santosh from marathi wikipedia
[21:22] <cherishsantosh> AndroIRC and Andchat
[21:22] <amdeskiers> sure sailesh..but there is not much useful from me..i am not a contributor to wiki..just curious about it :)
[21:23] <Satdeep_> Welcome amdeskiers ...
[21:23] <Subhadip> Hi i am Subhadip from Kolkata but i contribute mainly photographs to the project. We are in the process of having a local Wiki event in Kolkate soon which i am trying to organize with my organization
[21:23] <sailesh> Wow you're special guest ;)
[21:23] <amdeskiers> _/\_
[21:23] <sailesh> and I hope you will contribute after this :_
[21:23] <Mouryan> Hello
[21:23] <sailesh> :)
[21:23] <AbhiShake> Ravidreams_:  - Great to have partners! Thanks for clarification. :-) Could you please throw some light on WMIN role in this?
[21:24] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> hello Mouryan
[21:24] <sailesh> Hey Mourya , You're late buddy :D
[21:24] <Bodhisattwa> Hi Abhisake, Ravi just said, that Wikimedia India will support this event of course as much it can like it is supporting any other community initiative. But, community will drive planning and execution
[21:24] <Ravidreams_> AbhiShake: Please check
[21:24] <Mouryan> Sorry for being late
[21:25] <Ravidreams_> Please let us know if you want more clarity
[21:25] <manav> cn u brief wat hv u discussed or finalised in the past one hour
[21:25] <sailesh> Mourya and I had an one hour long conversation yesterday regarding IRC
[21:25] <Bodhisattwa> we just started manav
[21:25] <amdeskiers> sailesh: actually i was curious about the authenticity of some wiki articles especially related to culture and history.. and that brings me more towards it :)
[21:25] <manav> altight
[21:25] <Ravidreams_> Ok, can we move towards next stage of planning
[21:25] <manav> alryt
[21:25] <Satdeep_> I actually appreciate the fact that community is going to plan and execute this event .....
[21:25] <Bodhisattwa> ok
[21:25] <Satdeep_> Yes Ravi continue
[21:25] <Bodhisattwa> ravi, lets move to the planning of the conf
[21:26] <manav> yea sure
[21:26] <Ravidreams_> Thans
[21:26] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> amdeskiers: we can have separate discussion about it, no worries
[21:26] <Ravidreams_> I want to just put forward an open question:
[21:26] <Ravidreams_> How do you visualize we should proceed forward
[21:27] <Subhadip> Ok.... i have a question.... how many participants are we expecting for the event?
[21:27] <Subhadip> any guesses or rough estimations will help then the planning needs to be done accordingly
[21:27] <Ravidreams_> The last WikiConference India 2011 had 500+ registrations  I guess
[21:27] <Satdeep_> @Subhadip: I am guessing 200
[21:27] <Ravidreams_> That will be a reasonable number to expect this time too
[21:28] <Satdeep_> woah 500
[21:28] <Ravidreams_> 30-40% of them may be active Wikipedians and other may be contributors from other organizations, local people etc.,
[21:28] <Satdeep_> amazing
[21:28] <sailesh> That Abhisek can answer @Subhadip :D He was host of Wikiconference India 2011 (i guess0
[21:28] <manav> 1st thng sould b planning and budget
[21:28] <Subhadip> so can we take an average to 300 or should be stick to 500
[21:28] <manav> I feel we should first see if we wish to have a three day or one day conference
[21:28] <cherishsantosh> any number or all participant from each community can participate
[21:28] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Last WCI we hosted 750+ registrations.
[21:29] <Ravidreams_> One day conference won't be impactful for the effort we put
[21:29] <manav> okkay
[21:29] <manav> so... the kind f events
[21:29] <manav> I mean a rought roaster of events to be organised
[21:29] <AbhiSuryawanshi> 750 attendees, around 150 scholarships were given.
[21:29] <Ravidreams_> Unless we have logistical limitations like the size of the hall, we don't have a reason to restrict participation
[21:29] <Ravidreams_> of course, there will be a limit of number of scholarships
[21:30] <Ravidreams_> which the scholarship committe, budget committe can discuss and decide
[21:30] <cherishsantosh> ravi it shoude be two day in one I dont think so we put all focus
[21:30] <AbhiSuryawanshi> I agree with Ravi, it makes sense to host conference for minimum two days.
[21:30] <Satdeep_> I guess we should start with a rough budget
[21:30] <Subhadip> ok... then we need to try to have this somewhere central so that all corners of India can participate
[21:30] <manav> yep
[21:30] <Satdeep_> three day conference ...
[21:30] <Ravidreams_> The conference is actually two days which will be preceded by  a one day hackathon
[21:30] <Ravidreams_> we can try this format
[21:30] <iSukanta> 3 day will be good
[21:30] <manav> before wrking on the budget...we need to hv a rough idea of kind of events involved
[21:31] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Even before budget, we need to focus on city and logistics. Budget depends on location of conference.
[21:31] <Ravidreams_> as that is how most WikiConferences are held
[21:31] <manav> and probable no.of invited speakers and other participants
[21:31] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> In my perspective, we should find a much closer way to communicate, it could be email group, facebook group or whatsapp group
[21:31] <Ravidreams_> I think FB group is ideal now
[21:31] <Ravidreams_> i mute all whatsapp group messages :)
[21:31] <Bodhisattwa> we will do that Dinesh
[21:31] <Subhadip> Whatsapp group can be an option
[21:32] <Ravidreams_> and emails go to never read filters :)
[21:32] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> place and date we can decide once we build enough of volunteers
[21:32] <Subhadip> but FB will be easier i guess
[21:32] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Last WCI Mailing List -
[21:33] <Satdeep_> Facebook and the same thing on email as well
[21:33] <cherishsantosh> I think if location finalised then most of idea will clear
[21:33] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Welcome Yohan! :-)
[21:33] <Niharika> Candidate cities are?
[21:33] <Ravidreams_> manav: Please see for draft list
[21:33] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> we will choose via bidding Niharika
[21:33] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Bidding process I guess.
[21:33] <Sailesh> It will be a d bid
[21:33] <Ravidreams_> programs, speakers can be discussed and decided by Program team
[21:33] <Sailesh> Like in Wikimania
[21:33] <Ravidreams_> basically I see the way forward is to identify tasks and decision points for each
[21:33] <Ravidreams_> team
[21:33] <Ravidreams_> and then we work in working groups
[21:34] <Ravidreams_> Yes, identifying is one key step forward as that will decide many things like budget, dates etc.,
[21:34] <Ravidreams_> identifying city, I mean
[21:34] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> as Wikimania is happening
[21:34] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> in the same fashion
[21:34] <Yohannvt> Hi everyone, srry fr the delay
[21:34] <Niharika> Ah, okay.
[21:34] <Mouryan> A Facebook group will help in jotting down all the key points relating to the conference.
[21:34] <Niharika> So does that mean all communities will plan the logistics separately initially?
[21:34] <cherishsantosh> @Ravi can start with location ???
[21:35] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> santhosh I guess city is the location ?
[21:35] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Framework -
[21:35] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> The same answer applicable to you
[21:35] <amdeskiers> if more number of registrations comes from a particular region..then maybe that can influence the location as well
[21:36] <manav> reasonable
[21:36] <AbhiSuryawanshi> it all depends on bid
[21:36] <amdeskiers> ok
[21:36] <Sailesh> No amdeskiers
[21:36] <Ravidreams_> Please check
[21:36] <AbhiSuryawanshi> an don-ground support.
[21:36] <Ravidreams_> we will more or less try to follow that process
[21:36] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> amdeskiers: its not just about registrations
[21:36] <amdeskiers> ok, checking
[21:36] <Ravidreams_> as ultimately we are doing all this to pilot ourselves for Wikimania 2019
[21:37] <Sailesh> It depends on the capability of a community to host.
[21:37] <Ravidreams_> Here is my proposal
[21:37] <Ravidreams_> Let us all work on describing an ideal city for this conference
[21:37] <Ravidreams_> we can take a week or needed time
[21:37] <Ravidreams_> to draft this ideal city description
[21:37] <Ravidreams_> with clear weightage for each criterion
[21:37] <Satdeep_> okay... seems like a good idea
[21:38] <Sailesh> DD-India: :O
[21:38] <AbhiSuryawanshi> This might be useful from last WCI - Official requirements for bidding cities :
[21:38] <Ravidreams_> then we can invite senior members of the movement to assess each bidding city based on these crterion
[21:38] <Ravidreams_> Niharika:
[21:38] <Ravidreams_> Niharika: so to answer your question, if a city is willing to bid, then they can work on a bid with all logistics details
[21:38] <Ravidreams_> otherwise, this is a pan-india team effort
[21:39] <Ravidreams_> most teams don't need to be location based
[21:39] <Satdeep_> just having the most number of registrations from one city should not be the criteria
[21:39] <Satdeep_> so yes i agree with Ravi
[21:39] <Ravidreams_> Wikipedians all over India can work on scholarship / outreach /program etc.,
[21:39] <Ravidreams_> and we work togther
[21:39] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +1
[21:39] <Ravidreams_> Once we select the city, most number of registrations will happen from the city from nearby regions
[21:39] <amdeskiers> a doubt: would the city be outside india?
[21:40] <manav> ryt
[21:40] <Satdeep_> More over the city should have an airport... preferably an International Airport
[21:40] <Ravidreams_> otherwise, location of volunteers is irrelevant
[21:40] <Niharika> Ravidreams_: Okay. That seems reasonable.
[21:40] <qwebirc322613> amdeskiers:  Not at all
[21:40] <manav> Y wud it b
[21:40] <Ravidreams_> No, this is India conference. :)
[21:40] <Ravidreams_> City will be inn India
[21:40] <Sailesh> amdeskiers: This is a pan India conference :)
[21:40] <amdeskiers> that's nice :)
[21:40] <cherishsantosh> like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi
[21:41] <Ravidreams_> Yes, we can come up with  more such expectations for a host cty
[21:41] <Ravidreams_> so bidding communities can assess themselves against these expectations
[21:42] <Niharika> Delhi doesn't have a community as far as I am aware. How does that work? No bid for Delhi?
[21:42] <qwebirc322613> before that, whether our translations are done in all the languages?
[21:42] <Pratyya> I think I'm of to no use here. :\
[21:42] <Ravidreams_> It is highly impossible to conduct an event in a city with no community
[21:43] <Ravidreams_> I request all to share their expecations for a host city at
[21:43] <Ravidreams_>
[21:43] <Sailesh> +1 Ravi
[21:43] <Ravidreams_> this can be a good start to draft our ideal city description
[21:43] <iSukanta> +1 Ravi
[21:43] <Ravidreams_> once we agree on that
[21:43] <Ravidreams_> we can invite bids
[21:43] <Sailesh> Pratyya , have patience you're an Indic Wikimedian :)
[21:44] <Ravidreams_> Pratyya: Hey, your presence makes a difference
[21:44] <amdeskiers>  when does the registration end :)
[21:44] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> I got one quick question, did we inform in all the 22 indic language wiki communities about this event ?
[21:44] <Ravidreams_> we were nervous how this proposal will be received by the community
[21:44] <Ravidreams_> we are overwhlmed to see the unanimous response
[21:44] <DD-India> Hi! When will the conference likely be? Means we will have to see if that city is busy in those days.... Like for example Kolkata would be busy in Navratri...
[21:44] <Ravidreams_> Registration for volunteers should be open at least until a week before conference :)
[21:45] <Ravidreams_> Yes, that's why date depends on city
[21:45] <amdeskiers> ok
[21:45] <Ravidreams_> like if they festival, rainy days etc.,
[21:45] <Sailesh> DD-India: We expect it to be inbetween May 2016
[21:45] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> I believe we are yet to share this info with certain communities, may be volunteers can help us to get it translated with their friend's influence
[21:45] <Ravidreams_> we need at least 6 months planning
[21:45] <Ravidreams_> so, it can be anytime after Jan 2016
[21:45] <Satdeep_> I informed Punjabi Community during our Meetup today
[21:45] <cherishsantosh> may be in summer
[21:46] <Sailesh> so that we can have 10 months in our hand to prepare well
[21:46] <Yohannvt_> One good thing here is that this is a purely community driven initiative, which i really appreciate
[21:46] <Satdeep_> March 2016 according to me
[21:46] <Satdeep_> Summer is Wikimania time
[21:46] <Ravidreams_> we also need to check for exam time for students
[21:46] <Ravidreams_> so there are many factors
[21:46] <Yohannvt_> yes, true
[21:46] <Sailesh> Everyone here will not get a chance for Wikimania ;)
[21:46] <iSukanta> yes
[21:47] <cherishsantosh> max exam start and end between Feb-June
[21:47] <Sailesh> So Wiki Conference India is our first preference
[21:47] <ta_Dineshkumar_P>
[21:47] <Satdeep_> Maybe we should decide the dates by voting
[21:47] <cherishsantosh> yes
[21:47] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Please help translating this page to your language and your neighbour state's language
[21:47] <Ravidreams_> Wikimedia Conference happens in May. If we are lookig for participants from WMF etc., we should do it before that
[21:47] <Yohannvt_> we can't ;eave everything to a vote
[21:47] <AbhiSuryawanshi> It might make sense to decide dates as per city. As someone correctly mentioned - Kolkata will be busy during Navratri, Mumbai during Ganpati and other cities during other festivals. It is difficult to come-up with perfect date for conference.
[21:48] <Ravidreams_> Date depends on the hosting city
[21:48] <Ravidreams_> as simple as that
[21:48] <Ravidreams_> the local organizing team can decide that
[21:48] <AbhiSuryawanshi> So, keep window period of six months, and let cities take part in that time-frame.
[21:49] <Yohannvt_> so first lets finalize a city, then we select the date
[21:49] <Ravidreams_> actually, the bids from cities can indicated their convenient dates
[21:49] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +1 Yohann
[21:49] <Sailesh> Yes , Yohan that will be better]
[21:49] <cherishsantosh> then can we discussed about cities?
[21:49] <iSukanta> yes
[21:49] <Pratyya> I should make a suggestion that the city must have well accommodation of hotels, university hostels etc.
[21:49] <AbhiSuryawanshi> We can discuss about bidding process.
[21:50] <Sailesh> Sorry Santosh but we can't decide citiy in an IRC
[21:50] <Sailesh> +1 Pratyya
[21:50] <Satdeep_> May to June is exam season for College and University students
[21:50] <AbhiSuryawanshi> (Larger) Community will decide that.
[21:50] <Satdeep_> so okay we leave it to later discussions
[21:51] <Yohannvt_> +1 AbhiSuryawanshi
[21:51] <Ravidreams_> Hi everyone, since we agreed to come up with an ideal city description
[21:51] <Ravidreams_> let's move to the comments on that to meta
[21:51] <Ravidreams_> let's give it time
[21:51] <Ravidreams_> I invite your attention to various teams and tasks we have at
[21:51] <Ravidreams_>
[21:51] <Odisha1> in may wmf will be busy in wikimania. so dates should be before May our after June
[21:52] <Ravidreams_> Though many of your signed up for various teams, it is only practical that we can serve best in max 2 or 3
[21:52] <Ravidreams_> teams
[21:52] <Ravidreams_> we should also have a good mix of people in each team
[21:52] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Do we have jury for bidding process? (ref :
[21:52] <Ravidreams_> diversity based on gender, region, experience, skills etc.,
[21:52] <Mouryan> I have signed up only for teams I know where I can be useful... :)
[21:52] <Ravidreams_> So, I request you to think on those lines and start aligning towards teams
[21:52] <Ravidreams_> we can publish list of wikimedia usernames and roles they volunteered for
[21:53] <Ravidreams_> so you can find the right people and team up
[21:53] <Ravidreams_> and start discussing and working on team based activities
[21:53] <Ravidreams_> Yes, there will be jury
[21:53] <Yohannvt_> as a start for the team, lets descrive the team roles more in depth
[21:53] <Ravidreams_> we will decide on jury, process etc., once we finish the ideal city description
[21:53] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Plz join WCI2016 FB group.
[21:53] <Ravidreams_> in the same manner we decide the ideal city description
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> this can take some extra effort
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> but I belive this ensures transparency
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> and enforces good will among all
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> allowing us to work togther us one team
[21:54] <AbhiSuryawanshi> I think we should focus on having tentative timetable for this activity (finalizing jury, city, teams etc)
[21:54] <Pratyya> question, Can I volunteer through internet?
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> Yohannvt_: I agree
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> The volunteers can star twork from that
[21:54] <cherishsantosh> 1+
[21:54] <Ravidreams_> identifying more activities for the team they  like to work
[21:54] <Bodhisattwa> Pratyay, of course
[21:55] <Ravidreams_> right now it is only a framework
[21:55] <Ravidreams_> it is intentionally left as a framework
[21:55] <Ravidreams_> so there is enough autonomy and work for each team
[21:55] <Ravidreams_> instead of giving a feel that everything is decided and someone from top decides :)
[21:55] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Time-line something like this -
[21:56] <cherishsantosh> what we filled google form as per you are going to publish team????
[21:56] <Satdeep_> One quick question
[21:56] <Ravidreams_> I am asking your suggestion and permission
[21:56] <Ravidreams_> if we can publish wikimedia username and teams they volunttered for
[21:56] <Satdeep_> Every volunteer will participate in the conference ?
[21:56] <Ravidreams_> will there be an issue in that
[21:56] <Ravidreams_> cherishsantosh: that qn is for you
[21:57] <Odisha1> no
[21:57] <Pratyya> Well then I found my place, volunteering through internet. Guys sorry, but it's almost 10:30 here. Good bye.
[21:57] <Sailesh> Satdeep_: Every volunteer can participate but we can't guarantee the scholarship
[21:57] <cherishsantosh> yes satdeep
[21:58] <Ravidreams_> AbhiSuryawanshi: yes, we can propose and work on a timeline like that in meta talk page
[21:58] <amdeskiers> sailesh what is this scholarship for :)
[21:58] <Ravidreams_> But my suggestion would be that in the initial days, we should give more time and be relaxed
[21:58] <Mouryan> We also need to start preparing the points on which we are going to base this Wiki Conference.
[21:58] <Ravidreams_> to allow more communities to participate and the team spiirt to set
[21:58] <Ravidreams_> we can have tight timelines towards the D-day
[21:59] <Sailesh> It's already there Mouryan ")
[21:59] <AbhiSuryawanshi> After WCI 2011, We hosted Summit 2013 on similar lines, feel free to use/modify format as per requirement -
[22:00] <Mouryan> Yes Ravi sir.. We must not hurry in the initial stages of planning
[22:00] <Sailesh> amdeskiers: Refer this
[22:00] <AbhiSuryawanshi> I have limitations and will provide online-support as per availability.
[22:01] <Satdeep_> i guess we can fix an agenda in every IRC from now onwards
[22:01] <cherishsantosh> yes
[22:01] <Yohannvt_> yes, true
[22:01] <iSukanta> yes
[22:01] <cherishsantosh> and discussed point by point
[22:01] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Thanks Sailesh for sharing link.
[22:02] <Ravidreams_> Since this is first IRC we had kind of open agenda to introduce
[22:03] <Ravidreams_> i expect in the coming days to have many more team based IRC sessions
[22:03] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> okay, what is the conclusion for today ?
[22:03] <Yohannvt_> To make a timeline
[22:03] <AbhiSuryawanshi> After 2011 successful event, few community members gave their best to host conference in 2012. Over period of time everyone lost interest. Please avoid previous mistakes.
[22:03] <Mouryan> What will roughly be the frequency of each IRC @Satdeep bhai?
[22:04] <Mouryan> I mean how frequently will an IRC be happening...
[22:04] <Bodhisattwa> Mourya, we will do it as per our requirement
[22:04] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +1 Yohannvt_ . Timeline is important followed by jury and city selection.
[22:04] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> We will use more of facebook groups
[22:04] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> and less of IRC
[22:05] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> We need to work on team separation, different timing for IRC (internal to teams)
[22:05] <Sailesh> Sorry , Dinesh but IRC is important to keep logs :(
[22:05] <Yohannvt_> we will need IRC
[22:05] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Many FOSS friends are comfortable with IRC and less comfortable with Facebook. (Open-source vs non-open-source platform)
[22:05] <Ravidreams_> ta_Dineshkumar_P: I see that the community has better clarity today on how we will go about organizing the conference
[22:05] <Mouryan> Ohkay Bodhisattwa da
[22:05] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> facebook groups also have the posts
[22:05] <Satdeep_> I guess we can have weekly IRC or fortnighly perhaps
[22:05] <Ravidreams_> and mainly how city selection will work
[22:05] <Sailesh> We can work individually through Facebook or Google Hangout
[22:06] <AbhiSuryawanshi> nice idea Sailesh (y)
[22:06] <iSukanta> scrollback have option
[22:06] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Sailesh: not individually but as a community
[22:06] <Yohannvt_> I just need to point out that cohesion among indivivual teams is important, like how we did in WIki Loves Food
[22:06] <Bodhisattwa> ok, can you please translate the message for volunteer support in your languages which are still pending. We need to post in respective village pumps ASAP
[22:07] <Sailesh> This time we had a glitch with the google form , so from next time we need your individual email ids. :D
[22:07] <Ravidreams_> Sailesh: collectig email ids may be sensitive for some
[22:07] <Bodhisattwa>
[22:07] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Sailesh: Email ID would be privacy concern I believe
[22:08] <Ravidreams_> current form was designed in a way not to violate privacy
[22:08] <Ravidreams_> Ok, the agenda for next week will be to work here -
[22:08] <Ravidreams_> let's take one step at a time :)
[22:08] <Sailesh> But it requires to communicate with the individual person :(
[22:09] <Bodhisattwa> Please publish the whole log at,_2015
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> we have enough multiple channels to cover communication
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> no worries
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> user talk pages also there
[22:09] <Bodhisattwa>,_2015
[22:09] <Bodhisattwa> For Ravi
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> Bodhisattwa: ok
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> we are damn hungry and tired
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> going for dinner :
[22:09] <Ravidreams_> :)
[22:10] <Yohannvt_> I suggest we have next IRC after dinner
[22:10] <Yohannvt_> around 10pm
[22:10] <Yohannvt_> that way, we can keep the discussion going on
[22:10] <iSukanta> :)
[22:10] <Sailesh> Yeah !!
[22:10] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> I guess, that would be too late for kids like me
[22:10] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> :P
[22:11] <Yohannvt_> Saturdays, kids are allowed to stay late
[22:11] <Yohannvt_> i guess
[22:11] <Sailesh> With a theme in grouping the volunteers in their respective team. What do you say?
[22:11] <Bodhisattwa> I will be there Yohann
[22:12] <Bodhisattwa> After my dinner
[22:12] <AbhiSuryawanshi> It seems IRC is over - Google Hangout, anyone?
[22:12] <Bodhisattwa> Anyone wants to continue, please o on
[22:12] <Satdeep_> well i guess we can have IRCs 10pm on Saturdays
[22:12] <Bodhisattwa> go
[22:12] <Satdeep_> whenever we feel like
[22:12] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> yes, only when it is not raining
[22:13] <Mouryan_> Yes that will be a good idea @Satdeep bhai
[22:13] <Yohannvt_> @AbhiSuryawanshi im using my mobile, can't be on google hangout
[22:13] <Sailesh> Am In Abhisek
[22:13] <Ravidreams_> OK see you all
[22:13] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Yeay Sailesh , Yohan - plz download app?
[22:13] <Yohannvt_> so, we are having an IRC next saturday 10pm??
[22:13] <Ravidreams_> Please use  the format of proposed by and supported by in meta page
[22:13] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Thanks to all, will catch you in next IRC or on Google Group.
[22:13] <Ravidreams_> this way we can quickly move supported criterion to draft description for ideal city
[22:13] <Ravidreams_> bye
[22:14] <Ravidreams_> Logging this chat until 22:15
[22:14] <Ravidreams_> bye again
[22:14] <ta_Dineshkumar_P>
[22:14] <Yohannvt_> bye
[22:14] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Bye Ravi.
[22:14] <Sailesh> Bye :)
[22:14] <Sailesh> Jay Jagannath
[22:14] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Translation required:
[22:14] <iSukanta> bye
[22:14] <amdeskiers> bye :)
[22:14] <ta_Dineshkumar_P> Bye all
[22:14] <amdeskiers> thanks for that link Sailesh :)
[22:15] <amdeskiers> bye ta_Dineshkumar_P
[22:15] <iSukanta> :)
[22:15] <Yohannvt_> @AbhiSUryawanshi @Sailesh  cu on google hangout
[22:15] <amdeskiers> sailesh are you from orissa?
[22:15] <Sailesh> Yes amdeskiers
[22:15] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Others - feel free to join us :-)
[22:16] <Sailesh> Create the group i will be joining soon
[22:16] <amdeskiers> guessed from jay-jagannath :)
[22:16] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Santosh, Bodhi, Satdeep..
[22:16] <Sailesh> hehe , still I have not got your name amdeskiers
[22:16] <Sailesh> :P
[22:16] <amdeskiers> #anonymous :)
[22:17] <amdeskiers> (sorry for bad joke)
[22:17] <amdeskiers> sailesh my name is ashish :)
[22:18] <Sailesh> Signing out - Good night :) Bye Ashish :)
[22:18] <amdeskiers> good night :)
[22:18] <iSukanta> Good Night Bye all
[22:18] <amdeskiers> good night :)
[22:20] <amdeskiers> irc is the best :D
[22:22] <Satdeep_> see ya everyone...
[22:22] <amdeskiers> bye :)
[22:24] <amdeskiers> take care all :)