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Date and Time
October 21, 2015, 9:00 pm

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IRC Channel at #wikiconferenceindiaconnect



[15:32:39] <ravidreams>	 Hi
[15:32:49] <Satdeep_>	 Hi everyone....
[15:32:50] <AshLin>	 I guess I'm while no one's around
[15:33:08] <AshLin>	 Finally :D
[15:33:21] <AshLin>	 Hi people :D
[15:33:39] <Satdeep_>	 haha nice one Ashwin :p
[15:36:24] <ravidreams>	 "We need more people" should be the topic for this session :)
[15:36:51] <AshLin>	 yeah
[15:37:55] <psubhashish>	 Hi everyone
[15:38:13] <psubhashish>	 Am I late for the show?
[15:38:38] <AshLin>	 nope nothings happened so far
[15:40:17] <psubhashish>	 Hi AshLin, good to chat after long :)
[15:40:27] <cherishsantosh>	 Hello all
[15:40:41] <psubhashish>	 hi cherishsantosh
[15:40:56] <Satdeep_>	 We have quite a number of volunteers from all over of India
[15:40:59] <cherishsantosh>	 Hello Subhashish
[15:41:04] <psubhashish>	 4 from Bengaluru I guess, we're still leading
[15:41:42] <AshLin>	 Hi Subhashish :D
[15:42:29] <AshLin>	 so what are specifically discussing Ravi?
[15:42:37] <Satdeep_>	 I always thought that i will happen in Bengaluru
[15:42:56] <Satdeep_>	 But now we are thinking
[15:43:38] <cherishsantosh>	 welcome satdeep :)
[15:44:03] <Yohannvt>	 Hello everyone
[15:45:30] <cherishsantosh>	 Hi yohan
[15:45:32] <psubhashish>	 Satdeep_: you never know! Hi Yohannvt
[15:45:47] <Satdeep_>	 Hi Santosh
[15:45:57] <Satdeep_>	 Hi everyone...
[15:46:02] <ravidreams>	 Well, today's agenda is to update the community about WCI 2016 progress and planning
[15:46:05] <Satdeep_>	 This IRC was essential now
[15:46:19] <AshLin>	 ok, so can we begin
[15:46:42] <ravidreams>	 But, we still haven't got enough people hooked :(
[15:47:14] <ravidreams>	 Is it because our communication mode has an issue? Meaning should the core team find a way to operate more openly
[15:47:20] <ravidreams>	 will that help to get more people on board
[15:48:17] <Yohannvt>	 I think we need some kind of discussion on the mailing list. Maybe then we will get more eyeballs
[15:48:54] <cherishsantosh>	 or some update on mobile
[15:48:55] <cherishsantosh>	 :D
[15:49:24] <AshLin>	 yes, I agree
[15:49:27] <ravidreams>	 I have a feeling that right now all of us are interested but looking at each other to take the next step
[15:49:31] <ravidreams>	 How to move to the next step
[15:49:52] <ravidreams>	 without having hierarchical structures like Chair, vice chair etc.,
[15:49:53] <AshLin>	 what is the next step - choosing the city, I think
[15:50:06] <ravidreams>	 That is a typica model .. But, I am afraid that will also discourage many people
[15:50:41] <ravidreams>	 Yes, city selection is an obvious next step and the ball is in jury's court ;)
[15:50:49] <Guest89937>	 Ravi, if I remember right you have the means to hire event managers - so how about asking an event management company what locations they can think of?
[15:50:58] <ravidreams>	 Starting work on PEG application is immediate priority
[15:51:24] <Yohannvt>	 organising committee is not involved in city selection
[15:51:26] <cherishsantosh>	 basically some architecture shoude be thr
[15:51:42] <cherishsantosh>	 for information flow
[15:51:49] <cherishsantosh>	 and every thing
[15:52:12] <ravidreams>	 There are lot of ideal cities.. But, if we just conduct in a random city without local community's stewardship, I am concerned that won't be the best way
[15:52:14] <Yohannvt>	 @santosh do you mean as in a roadmap??
[15:52:31] <ravidreams>	 Once a city is finalized with clear community participation, event managers can help them
[15:52:44] <AshLin>	 as everybody probably knows - we have three cities - Ahmednagar, Chandigarh, Nashik
[15:53:09] <AshLin>	 which have bid for the hosting
[15:53:18] <cherishsantosh>	 @yohan
[15:53:20] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[15:55:27] <AshLin>	 we need to contact city reps and start discussing about the attributes of each city bid
[15:55:52] <Yohannvt>	 We can take inputs from DC chapter on what was their roadmap, s
[15:57:08] <ravidreams>	 Actually, there are many successful PEG applications that will give us an idea about recent trends in conducting a national conference
[15:57:37] <AshLin>	 common sense leads one to conclude that for road maps to be implemented we need the committees to be fully populated first
[15:58:45] <Satdeep_>	 In Chandigarh i have narrowed it down to Hotel JW Marriott which is the only one which can have 500 people in a hall
[15:58:47] <AshLin>	 whats our status regarding committee formation, please?
[16:00:45] <ravidreams>	 Marriot or any hotel will increase cost. Isn't there a University convocation hall or something like that
[16:01:06] <ravidreams>	 anyway, these details can be conveyed when the  jury gets in touch with you
[16:01:26] <Satdeep_>	 But then getting things like connectivity are so difficult
[16:01:32] <Satdeep_>	 like for our workshop
[16:02:22] <Satdeep_>	 we were not able to get open access.. instead they provided us with 20 username and passwords and those too were sent on emails to each editor
[16:02:26] <ravidreams>	 Special arrangements will be need to be done in advance with a local service provider for any venue
[16:02:32] <ravidreams>	 no regular connection can support it
[16:02:45] <ravidreams>	 ashwin, people for couple of teams have been identified
[16:02:46] <ravidreams>
[16:03:08] <ravidreams>	 But, finding it hard to proceed to work from committee formation
[16:03:55] <Satdeep_>	 Okay
[16:03:59] <Satdeep_>	 What do we do now ?
[16:04:00] <psubhashish>	 agree with ravidreams about the cost implications in Chandigarh if Marriot is considered. The Panjabi University might be a better place.
[16:04:15] <AshLin>	 the list of teams is there but the names not mentioned
[16:04:15] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[16:05:13] <Satdeep_>	 Thats what we need to work on
[16:05:19] <ravidreams>	 Yes
[16:05:30] <AshLin>	 Please nominate core team first :)
[16:05:39] <ravidreams>	 I invited suggestions for all teams.. But, didn't get enough inputs ;(
[16:05:54] <cherishsantosh>	 may be another option is thapar university
[16:06:00] <cherishsantosh>	 @stdeep
[16:06:09] <AshLin>	 start with two guys at first, add more later
[16:06:32] <psubhashish>	 I'd suggest the bidding teams to share a brief analysis of the venue considering various factors; cost implication, accessibility and last but not the least if they are in the business of education/activism, etc.
[16:06:38] <AshLin>	 ok, to set ball rolling, I volunteer for core team
[16:07:37] <Satdeep_>	 good
[16:07:47] <Satdeep_>	 so do we keep one person in one team only ?
[16:07:52] <ravidreams>	 OK, that's the idea.. I will start updating the details for team members
[16:07:59] <ravidreams>	 one person can be in two teams
[16:08:07] <ravidreams>	 more than that it become tedious
[16:08:21] <ravidreams>	 Ashwin, you are already in the core team :)
[16:08:42] <ravidreams>	 People who have been carrying forward this discussion since last two month are all in core team
[16:08:52] <cherishsantosh>	 I think one person in two team is better
[16:08:55] <ravidreams>	 Just a matter of formality before we publish the list in meta
[16:09:02] <Satdeep_>	 Okay okay
[16:09:07] <AshLin>	 oh, thanks for informing me :)
[16:09:40] <AshLin>	 yeah, we missed Yohan :D
[16:09:49] <ravidreams>	 We have a mailing list for wikiconference.. but, I am looking at multilple modes that will also keep the larger communitu automatically updated
[16:10:04] <Yohannvt>	 Srry, I'm on the phone
[16:10:12] <ravidreams>	 Shall we just use this IRC regulalry instead of FB chat?
[16:10:24] <ravidreams>	 Need to look into the technicalities of logging stuff
[16:10:33] <psubhashish>	 I'd love to be in the Press & Media Coordination and general communications.
[16:10:54] <AshLin>	 we need outreach and communication people functioning already to help you Ravi
[16:10:55] <psubhashish>	 IRC is better :)
[16:11:53] <Yohannvt>	 Yes it is much more official
[16:11:58] <Yohannvt>	 Compared to IRC
[16:12:21] <Yohannvt>	 *compared to FB
[16:12:59] <AshLin>	 I suggest we have fixed one way communication channels & discussion channels - example use twitter & FB as a one way communication. Use irs, mailman lists and meta for discussions
[16:13:39] <AshLin>	 FB is mutable, irc discussions aren't
[16:13:47] <ravidreams>	 If everyone agrees, we can switch to IRC. Let me check the archiving options and confirm
[16:14:07] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[16:14:12] <Satdeep_>	 Agree
[16:14:36] <ravidreams> provides more facilities plus app
[16:14:42] <ravidreams>	 so we can have more control
[16:15:12] <gaurav____>	 hello everyone
[16:15:15] <Satdeep_>	 everybody lets welcome Gaurav
[16:15:37] <Satdeep_>	 He was the main organizer of our recent 2-day workshop
[16:15:45] <Yohannvt>	 Thanks for the app link @ravi
[16:15:47] <ravidreams>	 Another agreement we need is to move from volunteering to accepting responsibilities to complete (an upcoming roadmap) with the help of other team members
[16:16:30] <Yohannvt>	 @ravi agree
[16:16:49] <ravidreams>	 If a formal title like Committe member etc., helps to assume that responsibilty, let us invent those titles :)
[16:17:01] <Yohannvt>	 @satdeep. Gaurav did an amazing job for the workshop!!
[16:17:19] <Yohannvt>	 Congrats Gaurav
[16:17:26] <AshLin>	 wish I was there. I love participating in these workshops
[16:17:29] <ravidreams>	 Hi Gaurav, good to know that
[16:17:30] <Satdeep_>	 Yes he did
[16:17:39] <gaurav____>	 thanks yohann
[16:17:42] <ravidreams>	 We just need a magical solution for
[16:18:05] <gaurav____>	 thanks ravi
[16:18:22] <Yohannvt>	 Looks like there is no silver bullet for that @ravi
[16:18:26] <Satdeep_>	 haha
[16:18:28] <ravidreams>	 Besides, press / outreach, we need few other teams to be formed immediately:
[16:18:29] <ravidreams>	 Sponsorship & Advertisement Team
[16:18:40] <ravidreams>	 Scholarship Coordination Committee
[16:19:03] <ravidreams>	 Conference Planning Team
[16:19:22] <ravidreams>	 A team for PEG, reporting etc.,
[16:19:40] <ravidreams>	 Anyone wants to take responsibilities for these right away? :)
[16:19:57] <ravidreams>	 So, we know a way to bug the right people instead of bugging in alphabetical order :)
[16:21:13] <cherishsantosh>	 is it single person involved in multiple team ?
[16:21:22] <Yohannvt>	 I have seen from many events big & small that all teams need to be engaging all the time
[16:21:48] <ravidreams>	 cherishsantosh: I don't get you
[16:22:05] <Satdeep_>	 Can i be a part of Scholarship Coordination Committee ?
[16:22:33] <Yohannvt>	 Scholarship coordination team might be busy at the starting, but during & after the event, they will be free
[16:22:34] <ravidreams>	 Of course.. Just make sure you won't miss a third team where you can contribute better ;)
[16:22:38] <AshLin>	 dont worry about how many teams a person is as of now, lets get them functioning first imho
[16:22:50] <cherishsantosh>	 one person can participate in two teams?
[16:22:57] <Yohannvt>	 Same I story for sponsorship
[16:22:59] <ravidreams>	 cherishsantosh: yes
[16:23:12] <Satdeep_>	 Yes sure... I would love to be a part of another team
[16:23:35] <Guest89937>	 Is there a group for the program tracks - workshop/presentation proposals? I think scholarships should also be linked to proposal evaluations? I am happy to help on program content evaluation.
[16:23:37] <ravidreams>	 AshLin: Yes, no hard and fast rules.. Just a matter of human limit.. and also people should not feel that same guy or few guys are donning all roles
[16:23:42] <AshLin>	 scholarship coordination work continues throughout, in my experienceof wci 2011 Yohann
[16:23:51] <ravidreams>	 There should be enough space for people to take ownership and credit
[16:23:58] <cherishsantosh>	 i like to work with Conference Planning  and Finance
[16:24:33] <cherishsantosh>	 with two teams
[16:24:59] <ravidreams>	 Guest89937: Can I address you by your name :)
[16:25:05] <Yohannvt>	 My point is that ppl should go into teams which will keep them engaged through tout the timeline
[16:25:13] <Guest89937>	 Of course Ravi!! :)
[16:25:14] <Satdeep_>	 Program Management is in Conference Planning Team ....
[16:25:33] <ravidreams>	 Ok Guest89937 aka Shyamal
[16:25:47] <ravidreams>	 You will be the right person to handle Conference planning
[16:26:10] <Yohannvt>	 Srry my typing is slow
[16:26:22] <ravidreams>	 Program tracks come under Conference planning
[16:26:31] <AshLin>	 i agree, Shyamal, i second
[16:26:46] <ravidreams>	 I am happy that we are having more clarity now on who will start working for each team :)
[16:26:55] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[16:26:58] <ravidreams>	 Of course, wherever coordination is needed, teams shall work together
[16:27:23] <ravidreams>	 Karthik Nadar has agreed to contribute for the PEG application
[16:27:30] <ravidreams>	 I hope Netha also will find time
[16:27:42] <ravidreams>	 They have the experience serving in WMF grants committees
[16:28:02] <Yohannvt>	 Yes,agree
[16:28:28] <Satdeep_>	 Yes i agree too
[16:28:42] <cherishsantosh>	 yup
[16:28:44] <ravidreams>	 Just curious, does FB make us more casual :) The same people here with a schedule chat session are making more decisions :)
[16:29:27] <Satdeep_>	 haha..
[16:29:35] <Satdeep_>	 i think yes
[16:29:37] <Yohannvt>	 I'm giving quick inputs since my battery is low ;)
[16:29:49] <cherishsantosh>	 @yohan hahahaha
[16:29:54] <Satdeep_>	 we all planned before coming here and with a definite agenda
[16:29:58] <Satdeep_>	 that actually helps
[16:30:15] <AshLin>	 may your batteries always be low yohann ;)
[16:30:17] <Netha>	 PEG is something we need to decide about at the soonest. I am fully engaged until February. What is the timeline of the PEG team like?
[16:30:42] <ravidreams>	 We should file it at least by November end
[16:31:03] <Yohannvt>	 @ashlin.  LOL
[16:31:32] <ravidreams>	 Satdeep_: if that is the case, then a weekly IRC scheduled can hlelp us I guess
[16:31:46] <Satdeep_>	 Yes exactly
[16:31:54] <Netha>	 I will be around to contribute on the PEG application, but I can't be sure about how much time I can commit for it.
[16:31:56] <Satdeep_>	 it can be every Saturday 9 pm i guess
[16:32:07] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[16:32:36] <Yohannvt>	 @netha count me in for helping you in PEG
[16:32:55] <Netha>	 Thanks Yohannvt
[16:33:22] <Satdeep_>	 And maybe we can ask everybody to tell about what they did in the past week regarding the conference
[16:34:12] <ravidreams>	 Yohannvt: are you sure.. you already forgot your Hyderabad address :)
[16:34:27] <Yohannvt>	 @satdeep I'm not sure that might help
[16:34:45] <cherishsantosh>	 after formation of committees we have tomeet weekly
[16:35:31] <Satdeep_>	 @Yohann i think weekly tasks will keep us motivated
[16:35:34] <Yohannvt>	 @ravi. I will have to know my Hyderabad address since I'm on my way there ;)
[16:35:49] <Satdeep_>	 as we have taken up the responsibilty in front of the whole community
[16:36:57] <Yohannvt>	 @satdeep I'm not saying that I have an issue with this. It's just that ppl might not be able to be active throughout the week
[16:37:20] <Yohannvt>	 Some weeks they might be more free than other weeks
[16:37:28] <ravidreams>	 Of course, let's hope there will be updates from some committee every week
[16:37:42] <Yohannvt>	 To contribute to WCI
[16:37:45] <Satdeep_>	 Yes sure.. but we can hope :)
[16:37:55] <ravidreams>	 we can also come up with a rough roadmap to keep us aligned
[16:38:25] <Satdeep_>	 Roadmap as in ?
[16:40:05] <ravidreams>	 or milestones
[16:40:11] <Yohannvt>	 we need predefined milestones too
[16:40:19] <ravidreams>	 tentative dates for each activity]
[16:40:59] <ravidreams>	 Before we conclude the discussion, I wanted to ask everyone's opinion about
[16:41:20] <ravidreams>	 we have already discussed about this, but I am wondering if Indian community should take an official stand and inform the wikimania team
[16:41:30] <ravidreams>	 that we are interested in conducting Wikimania 2018?
[16:41:53] <Satdeep_>	 Yes we are...
[16:42:32] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[16:44:09] <Yohannvt>	 Yes
[16:44:10] <ravidreams>	 OK, let me get in touch with the Wikimania team and see what is the best way to express this intent
[16:44:22] <ravidreams>	 if needed we will do a RfC
[16:44:37] <cherishsantosh>	 k
[16:45:36] <Satdeep_>	 Sure...
[16:46:12] <ravidreams>	 is saturday a good time for weekly chat session? I will prefer it to be a work day
[16:46:23] <cherishsantosh>	 yes
[16:46:32] <ravidreams>	 as travel and other engagements might intervene during weekends
[16:46:43] <ravidreams>	 tuesday /wednesday / thursday is best
[16:46:50] <psubhashish>	 weekday works better for me as well.
[16:47:03] <Yohannvt>	 I'm going to die soon : I mean my battery will die soon!! So let everyone choose a team & the remaining team, I ll take
[16:47:14] <Satdeep_>	 Then choose any one
[16:47:18] <Satdeep_>	 i have no issues
[16:47:32] <Yohannvt>	 Saturday looks good
[16:47:50] <Satdeep_>	 but some of us are not okay
[16:47:54] <Satdeep_>	 weekday
[16:48:09] <Satdeep_>	 then let us choose Wednesday
[16:48:16] <cherishsantosh>	 :)
[16:48:34] <Yohannvt>	 Then Thursday looks good
[16:49:00] <cherishsantosh>	 keep after 10 PM  or around 10PM
[16:49:13] <Satdeep_>	 Okay Thursday will be fine
[16:51:24] <ravidreams>	 Oaky then, let us meet next Thursady
[16:51:34] <ravidreams>	 Be ready with updates from each team :)
[16:51:48] <ravidreams>	 Shall we conclude the session now
[16:52:03] <AshLin>	 ok, gn all
[16:52:26] <psubhashish>	 Goood night everyone!
[16:53:50] <cherishsantosh>	 Yes ravi
[17:01:50] <Satdeep_>	 Good Night everyone
[17:04:24] <cherishsantosh>	 good night