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Doteli Wiki: yesterday, today & tomorrow

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Janak Bhatta, Ram Prasad Joshi & Biplab Aanad (Link)

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The goal of this talk is to introduce the Doteli language among the different communities. Doteli, or Dotyali (डोटेली) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 2.5 million people speakers in the Far Western and Mid-western regions of Nepal. It is also spoken in northern part of the India, especially in Kumaon, with the Kumaoni language being very similar to Doteli. To find out the ways to do effective collaborative works between the two countries(i.e. India & Nepal). Involvements from Indian community also plays key role to move ahead this wiki project. Collectively, we preserve our culture, heritage, monuments and way of living via this wiki movement. Two years back, we three Wikipedians from Nepal (user:Janak Bhatta, Ram Prasad Joshi and Ramesh Singh Bohara) resolved to start a Doteli Wikipedia. Now it is active in incubation. The number of articles is satisfied but many articles too short(stubs). Our main goal is to bring out this wiki from incubation with quality articles.

In my presentation i will present our views, our wiki status and sharing our practices with other communities. We will try the ways to do effective collaborative works between the two countries for Doteli language Doteli wiki.



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