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WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/Growing Indic-language Wikimedia projects with digital libraries

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Growing Indic-language Wikimedia projects with digital libraries

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Presentation; User:Omshivaprakash will join as remote presenter through Skype

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Digital libraries out there in India like DLI and OUDL have enormous amount of metadata about many Indic language books. But they are not readily accessible on Internet for many reasons. In this proposal, we take the work we are doing in Kannada as case study on how to grow Wikimedia projects(Wikipedia, Wiksource, etc.,.) using those digital libraries. We aim to take through the challenges we faced, tools that we used and activities we conducted to make the metadata useful for Wikipedia entries and bring out of copyright books to Wikisource through Internet Archive and Wikimedia Commons. The need for such work around digital libraries has been explained in detail in our Kannada IEG Applicaiton here. Grants:IEG/Growing_Kannada-language_Wikimedia_projects_with_a_digital_library.