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My wiki journey – mere 11 to 1100 and on- experience of #100wikidays

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Though I took account in 2013, as a user I could contribute more in wikipedia only after accepting the challenge #100wikidays in Feb 2016, through this presentation I can explain how #100wikidays transformed an ordinary user of wikimedia to a contributor of it.
I would like to use this as an opportunity to explain what is #100wikidays and how it magically influenced increasing count of articles in wikipedia. Again I strongly believe that through this presentation I can explain, a person having only 11 edits; preparation before taking up #100wikidays challenge, the hurdles, uncertainties, difficulties and happiness I faced on accepting the challenge and the ways and means I had chosen to overcome those hurdles and about the factors helped me in that.
I will utilize my presentation to express the self satisfaction and self confidence I have derived as a wikipedia editor on completing #100wikidays challenge without doing any compromise and falsified justification.



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