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Revisiting roadmap for Wikimedia work in India

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Moderated group discussion (90 minutes)

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A little under two years ago, a group of Indian Wikimedians from 15 different language communitie, WMF, WMIN and CIS-A2K staff gathered in Bangalore to attend the India Community Consultation 2014 convened by the Wikimedia Foundation. .

The aims of this meeting were:

  • Share views and preferences on the most effective ways to pursue a common vision of creating and sharing free knowledge in India and in the Indian languages (including English) around the world.
  • Attempt to come to agreement on a roadmap for a future where resources are better utilized, volunteers are better served, and progress on our mission is more steadily attained.

The proposed roadmap was prjected as a basis for programmatic activity in India by the different editing communities, WMIN, CIS-A2K, and the Wikimedia Foundation, and any future Wikimedia User Groups in India, to promote the Wikimedia mission in India.

I propose a moderated group discussion to revisit this roadmap and update it for future programmatic activity in India.



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