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Wiki Loves Earth India

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sankoswal , yohannvt (Link)

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India had the greatest number of participants and the highest for Wiki Loves Earth International photo contest. WLE in India 2016 was Wikimedia India project driven with the help of community members. India with 32000 plus images left behind Germany, Ukraine & Pakistan with 18000, 11000 and 9000 images respectively. It helped the language communities to record images of India's unique eco-system. With 1000 images averaging per day, this project helped to improve the picture quality of India’s flora and fauna, which are now also used on various language Wikipedia and sister projects. There were 1900 registrations from women community (out of 6341 participants) as the project also aimed at bridging the gender gap. With this talk we wish to

  • Encourage wikimedians to use such huge repository of thousands of high quality images from WLE-India in their respective language communities and sister projects.
  • Conduct a series of Natural/Earth Edit-a-Thon in indic language communities and make use of these images.


Interested attendees and comments[edit]

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