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WikiConference India 2023/Submissions/Submitted/NDEC WERT: a useful model to design or initiate extracurricular wikimedia organizations

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NDEC WERT: a useful model to design or initiate extracurricular wikimedia organizations[edit]

Abstract/description of your session[edit]

  • NDEC Wikipedia Editorial and Research Team is a specialized wikimedia team of Notre Dame English Club, an extra curricular organization of Notre dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. For the last two years, we are working continuously to find the factors that may sustain this type of extra curricular wikimedia initiatives in educational institutions and this may be extremely helpful for similar initiative around the world, specially in the Indian sub-continent as the socio-economic context here are much similar. The presentation will focus on the main considerations while working with this kind of initiatives and some techniques to make them sustainable.

How does it connect with the WCI 2023 theme/focus[edit]

  • This “non-affiliate organized wikimedia student group” can help the wikimedians of the subcontinent connect with their existing idea of wikimedia in education and help all the involved parties utilize the learnings. Besides it will also help the participants to learn more about an amazing and surprisingly quiet “mini-revolution” happening in their neighboring country and thus will connect everyone centering their spirits to use wikimedia in education.

Speaker name/s or username/s[edit]


NDEC Wikipedia Editorial & Research team

Contact details (optional)[edit]

  • mrbrafi1971(_AT_)gmail.com

Language of the session[edit]


Session type[edit]


Session outcomes[edit]

  • People will learn about a completely different organized wikimedia entity that doesn’t fall under the usual affiliate model
  • people will feel the latent potential of spreading wikimedia movement in every educational institution
  • People will learn about our two years of experiences within just 15 minutes and will be prepared for their similar future initiatives
  • People will feel the urge to use the hidden potential of young students in the movement
  • People will be able to watch wikimedia education initiatives from a completely different lens, a mixture of the current Wiki education ways and the organized structure of the affiliate ways.

Support required from organizers[edit]

Note-taking and technical maintenance

Consent for recording[edit]

  • Yes