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WikiEarth is a proposal for a new Wikimedia project. Basically it's a atlas in wiki format. It would have continents (linked to on the main page) that have maps of that continent and links to countries or regions in that continent. The country pages would have maps and links to states/provinces. There would be maps eventually to the city level.

On pages, there would be different maps. There would be different types of maps. Some would be political, geographical, show population, election results, etc. The maps wouldn't include subway/LRT maps, Bus Routes, Train Routes, Airline maps, ferry maps, you get the picture. The maps could come from the CIA World Factbook, Wikimedia Commons and other free resources.

Why this project shouldn't be combined with any other Wikimedia Project[edit]

[Wikipedia articles are not] Mere collections of photographs or media files with no text to go with the articles. If you are interested in presenting a picture, please provide an encyclopedic context, or consider adding it to Wikimedia Commons. If a picture comes from a public domain source on a website, then consider adding it to Wikipedia:Images with missing articles or Wikipedia:Public domain image resources.

  • It shouldn't be with Wikimedia Commons because it is just listings of media while WikiEarth is organized. WikiEarth is an atlas not a photo album.
  • This project is perfect for the wiki universe because it is exactly aligned with the ideals of the wikiproject - free information for all.

Proposed by[edit]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Wikimaps
  • Wikiatlas
  • Wiktlas
  • Maps
  • Geo
  • WikiEarth
  • Wikiography
  • Wikiplaces
  • Wikiworld

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People interested[edit]

  1. F. Terran
  2. Boguslav
  3. Desalvionjr
  4. Greeves
  5. Richard Melo
  6. Paul Noundre Nothbad
  7. JJohnson1701 - definitely. Something where we can pull up a map of, say, England, and click on the language links to see the names in foreign languages, and click on that language's article on that city, village, or whatever. That'd be awesome. Perhaps it would need a list of the places, perhaps in system messages, and then a translation as well.
  8. JosN A Wikiatlas exists on Commons already. That could be transferred to a new Wikiearth, Wikiatlas or whatever. A atlas with a lot of information does not seem logical to me for Commons, so, a new wiki would be preffered, I guess.
  9. User:WikiEarth I really like the idea of having a wiki atlas, even before I saw this proposal. I made my own wiki called wikiearth if you want to check it out.
  10. Jeepday
  11. JeroenKon
  12. TheFearow Seems great - in a wiki environment, we can provide some fantastic detail on places not otherwise discussed in traditional atlases.
  13. Like Wikimapia? OK... Support. Ionas68224
  14. drini [es:] [commons:] 0
  15. Anonymous Dissident - I like the name Wikimaps best of all. AnonymousDissident
  16. Diez2 I like it.
  17. Oa10712
  18. --alexscho
  19. Sounds like a good idea...--Kushan I.A.K.J
  20. Soxred93
  21. Adolfobs93
  22. Nn123645
  23. Empire3131
  24. Kuvaly
  25. Andewz111
  26. --OosWesThoesBes 18:49, 11 July 2010 (UTC)
  27. Workster
  28. Vibhijain
  29. Дмитрий talk+ 12:43, 3 June 2011 (UTC)
  30. Wer900 (talk)