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WikiGap Challenge

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Did you enjoy contributing to Wikipedia today? We hope that you'll stick around for a bit! This month there's an extra good reason to continue editing: the WikiGap Challenge.

The WikiGap Challenge is a writing competition aimed at improving the coverage of people identifying as women on Wikipedia. It runs from March 8th to April 8th, 2019.

لماذا ينبغي علي الاشتراك؟

The Challenge is an opportunity for you to keep editing after today’s event has finished – and hopefully for a long time to come. The first prize is a scholarship to travel to Stockholm and participate in Wikimania, the main annual conference of the Wikimedia movement (August 14th–18th, 2019) and a personal diploma signed by the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs.

What can I write about?

All articles about women, in any language, earn you points in the Challenge. Additionally, the organizers of WikiGap events around the world have prepared a list of articles that need particular attention, which will earn you extra points.

How do I participate?

⬜ Visit to learn more about the Challenge.

⬜ Add yourself to the list of participants on the website.

⬜ Pick an article to edit and work on it. Do you need inspiration? Have a look at the suggestions in the List of articles section.

⬜ Add the article to the list under your user name.

⬜ Count your points and add them together.

Congratulations! You've just contributed to closing the gender gap on Wikipedia and helped readers all around the world learn more about women's achievements.

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